Iron beer

Iron Beer is a popular Cuban soft drink and tradition for over 80 years. “The National Beverage” Iron Beer tastes like "a fruitier Dr Pepper" or like Iron port soda and contains no caffeine. Choose from its six pack and 2 litter Iron Beer presentations available here at and delivered right to your door.

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Iron Beer

Iron Beer is a popular soft drink that was created in Cuba by Manuel Rabanal in 1917. The business was moved to Miami four decades later when Fidel Castro became dictator of Cuba in 1960 and nationalized all private property that caused the Rabanal family to be exiled in Miami. The company that was moved to the USA is now known as Ironbeer Soft Drinks, Inc.

According to rumors the first cases of this bubbly and fruity soft drink were actually sold from a mule drawn wooden wagon that would arrive at a popular cafeteria located in Havana, Cuba. The beverage would soon be labeled “The National Beverage” due to its refreshing sweet flavor, which is described as resembling to Dr. Pepper but much fruitier.

Iron Beer is the ideal soft drink to quench your thirst and enjoy a sweet treat that is both delicious and refreshing. Flavored with just a hint of island spices, Iron Beer is a satisfying soft drink that will leave you thirsting for more. After more then 80 years Iron Beer’s original flavor has not changed and tastes as delicious as did when it was first created in Cuba. Share its unique taste with your family and friends!

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