Tajin Fruit & Snack Hot Seasoning

Tajin Fruit & Snack Hot Seasoning

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Tajin Fruit & Snack Hot Seasoning

Unleash the power of Mexican chilies everytime you open a bottle of Tajin and pour it over your favorite vegetables, fruits and snacks. The famous chili powder is blended with natural and salt to get your taste buds tingling with sweet and spicy sensation you?ll love.

The origins of Tajin can be traced back to 1985 when the founders of the company created a powdered hot sauce, which gave way to a new produce seasoning category in the Hispanic market. It was first exported to the United States in 1993, and was re-launched years later in 2001 with a new and improved branding. As Tajin?s tangy chili powder gained popularity, it became exported to other continents including Central America and Europe. Today Tajin is the leading brand on the market in the Produce Seasoning category in Mexico and U.S.

Tajin is a leading Mexican company that produces a wide variety of spicy seasonings that consist primarily of lime, salt and chili peppers. Their most popular product is a tangy and spicy fruit seasoning that is made with dehydrate lime juice, salt and chili peppers. Tajin?s products are available in small packets and plastic shaker bottles that can be found sold in any general or Hispanic grocery store. The tangy seasoning is commonly used as a condiment on most Mexican tables and restaurants, as well as a seasoning for many beverages including micheladas which are a popular Mexican beer cocktail. Tajin also produces several varieties of salsa. Their company is officially known as Empresa Tajin and is situatd in Zapopan, Jalisco, Mexico.

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