Ideas for Kids

Choose the perfect gift for boys and girls of any age, whether you’re looking for party ideas or gifts for any occasion.

Gift Ideas for Kids at has the ideal gifts, favors, snacks, candies, toys and essential items you need to make you’re children’s parties an unforgettable experience.

Mexican Toys

Get some creative gift ideas for kids through our Mexican toys section, you’ll find countless toys and games from La Mexicana that will provide endless hours of fun for children. They can be given as gifts, used for fun activities for children’s parties or to have a fun family night with your kids. We have traditional Mexican toys that children are sure to enjoy and will bring you wonderful memories of your own childhood such as the famous balero, trompo or loteria games. Give your kids a chance to experience the fun filled games you used to play as a kid. Curious Chef also has 3 fun sets for those young aspiring chefs that want to help you in the kitchen. Teach your children how to cook and allow them to help with our 8 piece cutlery, holiday cookie kit and fruit & vegetables sets.

Party Supplies has a wide selection of party motifs and themes, everything that is needed to decorate and organize the perfect party. We have over 9 party themes, including Hello Kitty and Thomas & Friends theme sets. Choose items and decorations that match your desired theme and give your kid’s birthday parties a fun and unique style. Also treat your guests with fun snacks from brands such as Marinela, El Molino, Gamesa, Bimbo, Sabritas, Barcel, Frito Lay and more.


Every party must end with the breaking of the traditional pinata, so give your kids a sweet surprise with’s fun Mexican pinata figures. We have over 30 pinatas your kids can choose from with fun designs and shapes that they will love for and that will go great with your theme. Fill your pinatas with scrumptious candies and treats with some of Mexico’s most famous brands that include: Dulces Vero, Lorena, De La Rosa, Carlos V, Lucas, Ricolino and Coronado. If you’re unsure what candies or pinatas to get you should try our Pinata & Candy Fiesta kit & Assorted Pinata Figures package, they provide everything you need to set up a piñata.

Children Essentials

We also have personal care products for Babies and Children, essential items that every parent should have: ointments, cough medications and shampoo products. Treat scrapes and cuts with Merthiolate Tincture and Gentian Violet antiseptics and ointments. Get temporary relief from pains and aches, as well as reduce the swelling of bruises, sprains and strains with Arnica & Menthol Liniment spray. Treat and give your children relief from their flu symptoms with XL-3 Cold Medicine for Kids and Mejoralito Kids cherry flavored tablets. If you’re looking for the ideal shampoo try our Grisi and Mennen brands these shampoo products are for all hair types. They have a wonderful aroma, are gentle and won’t irritate eyes, besides leaving your children’s hair shiny and smooth.

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