Ibarra Chocolate - Mexican Sweet Chocolate 6 Tablets - 19 oz

Ibarra Chocolate - Mexican Sweet Chocolate 6 Tablets
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No Artificial Colors
No Artificial Flavors
No conservatives
Ingredients: Sugar, Cacao paste, Soy lecithin, Cinnamon
Serves 24 Cups (4 cups per tablet)


Ibarra Mexican Chocolate since 1925

Ibarra sweet chocolate laced with cinnamon and covered in coarse sugar. Genuine Mexican Chocolate sold by Novamex product.


Serve your Mexican Chocolate with churros!


3.3 oz tablet of Mexican chocolate
2-1/2 cups milk
1 tsp sugar 1/2 tsp cinnamon


To make Mexican hot chocolate, break tablet of Mexican chocolate into pieces and bring it to a simmer with milk. Stir the mixture until the chocolate is melted and well-combined.
Mexican chocolate is traditionally beaten to a froth with a wooden implement called "molinillo". You can imitate the effect by putting a small amount of your chocolate at a time in a blender and briefly pulsing it.


Chocolate Ibarra Semi-dulce

Chocolate de mesa semi-dulce Ibarra, ideal para prepararse en bebidas con leche. Chocolate obscuro en barras redondas. Delicioso con churros, pan de muerto, conchas o rosca de Reyes.


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By Steven
Bismarck, ND
Just as my wife remembers from her childhood
December 12, 2023
Whether this was the brand she used or not, drinking this, as well as making it for our daughters, brings my wife back to her childhood in Guanajuato and Chihuahua. Great Mexican hot chocolate!
By Diana
September 18, 2022
Just like I remember as a little girl. Love having it year round, but especially when the weather cools down and Christmas decor goes up. I love this Mexican hot chocolate above all others. My kids prefer this one to cocoa packets.
By Jer
SF South Bay
Mexican chocolate w/kick
December 22, 2020
Have totally loved this stuff as a kid and still do. Kicked it up a notch on Christmases by adding extra cinnamon via cinnamon sticks and a whole egg per quart (not for everyone) while simmering and stirring or twirling for extra froth and smoothness. Pour into a large mug and add a shot or shot and a half of Kahlua, Mexican coffee liqueur, into a large mug. YUMMMERS!
  • Mixing in the Kahlua
  • Stirring or twirling for extra froth can get tiresome for the hands
By Micaela
Omaha, NE
If you have a milk allergy
October 3, 2020
My mother only ever used Ibarra and I have followed suit. I, however, have developed a milk allergy and I thought I would never be able to enjoy the chocolate of my youth. I was wrong! I found that using unsweetened almond milk results in a wonderful drink. I do not use the sweetened, vanilla flavored almond milk, just the 30 calorie unsweetened type and Ibarra. Hope this tip helps those of you with milk allergies.
  • This product can be used with almond milk.
By Jackie V.
Orlando, FL
Authentic Mexican chocolate
September 27, 2020
Discovered this hot chocolate brand by a Mexican friend when I used to live in Las Vegas and have been loyal ever since. I use it to make mole and of course, hot chocolate. The taste is so good...,just the right combination of sweetness and cinnamon flavors.
By Sparky
May 22, 2020
This made the best hot chocolate. I really liked the hint of cinnamon. Received quickly. Would definitely buy again.
By Margaret
Rochester, NY
Ibarra Chocolate - Mexican Sweet Chocolate 6 Tablets
January 12, 2020
perfect especially for NY cold nights
By Anthea
Des Moines, Iowa
No artificial ingredients, excellent flavour
November 16, 2018
I refuse to knowingly buy Nestle? products, so Abuelita is right out -- besides, it contains both unnecessary AND artificial ingredients. No such issues with Ibarra, and it satisfies my craving for Mexican chocolate, which can only be had in my neck of the woods if I make my own.
By Bruce
seattle, wa.98133
Makes Excellent Hot chocolate
January 31, 2018
I like it
By Lynda
Oceanside ca
Ibarra chocolate
May 3, 2017
Well, since you asked, I was a little disappointed in my order this time. I have been buying this product for about 20 years. Always received it in cakes, and then would grate it myself. I was very surprised to have it come finely grated already! At first, I thought I had the wrong product, but then thought, yay! You grated it for me. I would have liked to be told, however, that there was a change in this product so I could choose (or maybe there is no choice; do you only have finely grated now?)
Anyway, I haven't tried it yet but I'm sure it'll be the same good taste as always.
Thanks for your wonderful service.
Lynda Sterling
By T
February 2, 2017
Try heating milk/chocolate (half a tablet per 12 oz mug) in the microwave and finishing it off in a frother. Excellent.
By John
Colonia, NJ
Great taste!
September 4, 2013
My wife and I love this Mexican chocolate. I break it up with a hammer in its package and melt with milk to add to our espresso. Delicious!
  • Great taste. Better than the powder of the same name. Convenient packaging.
  • None to speak of.
By Carol
Mexican Sweet Chocolate Tablets
November 27, 2012
Since trying my first cup with low-fat milk, I have not been able to go back to the common chocolate powder mix. It has just the right Mexican flavor.
  • I'm experimenting with best ways to melt/break up tablets - worth the the work though.
By Sharon B.
Lakewood, WA
Ibarra Chocolate!!
April 24, 2012
Love this chocolate...reminds me of chocolate from my childhood...I do not make hot chocolate with this but eat it like a candy bar...very good!
By sillygoatgirl
Review for Ibarra Chocolate - Mexican Sweet Chocolate 6 Tablets
May 21, 2011
Some cream, two triangles of this stuff, melt, and place in coffee. Yummy yummy yummmmmmmy! It's also fabulous hot chocolate.
By Leslie
Review for Ibarra Chocolate - Mexican Sweet Chocolate 6 Tablets
April 14, 2011
I love this hot chocolate more than hersheys brand or any other. The taste is really amazing. If more chocolate is needed, just add.I will definitely purchase again.
By Marvin
Review for Ibarra Chocolate - Mexican Sweet Chocolate 6 Tablets
April 5, 2011
no el mejor que he probado en este tipo de barra ,o estilo tableta ,el mejor fue uno que compre traido de España ,y otro producido en mi pais de origen en centro america mucha mas mejores que el ibarra ,pero si sabe mejor que el chocolate de nestle que compra uno en caja que trae como ocho bolsitas ..
By Alan R.
Review for Ibarra Chocolate - Mexican Sweet Chocolate 6 Tablets
February 7, 2011
I would like a little more chocholate and a little less sugar. Pretty good though.
By Richard H.
Review for Ibarra Chocolate - Mexican Sweet Chocolate 6 Tablets
November 23, 2010
Whole milk was used in the preparation, and it was really delicious hot chocolate. We loved the hint of cinnamon and other spices. We added a touch of chili powder as well.
By Gloria P.
Review for Ibarra Chocolate - Mexican Sweet Chocolate 6 Tablets
June 24, 2010
I originally bought this to try in some Mole, but I haven't yet. I made hot chocolate and ate it out of the package so far. Way different then say Hershey's chocolate. But, very interesting. You can taste the sugar granules and a hint of cinnamon with dark, but not real bitter chocolate.



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