Ducal Black Refried Beans with Cheese (Pack of 3) - 15 oz

Ducal Black Refried Beans with Cheese (Pack of 3)
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Ducal Black Refried Beans with Cheese 15 oz

Best quality in refried black beans with cheese cooked and seasoned for the easy preparation of the classic companions of Mexican, central American and south American dishes. Ducal's Black Refried Beans go great with Tostitos Chips too. A cholesterol free food and good source of protein.

Directions: Heat the opened can in a water bath for 10 minutes or fry as desired. If you do not use all the product immediately store it in a clean container and keep it under refrigeration.

190 calories per serving (130g)

Ingredients: water, black beans, blend of vegetable oil (may contain soybean, cottonseed or sunflower oil), salt, hard cheese (milk and cultures), onion, artificial cheese flavor and garlic.


"Ducal" Frijoles Negros Volteados (Refritos) con queso ofrece la mejor calidad y sabor, para acompanar los tradicionales platillos Mexicanos, centro americanos y suramericanos. Los frijoles negros molidos (refritos) de Ducal tambien se llevan muy bien con Tostitos. Libre de colesterol, alto en fibra y proteina.
,br> Indicaciones de Uso: Calentar la lata abierta en bano maria por 10 minutos o freir su contenido al gusto. Si no consume todo el producto, transfiera el resto a otro recipiente y mantengalo en refrigeracion.

190 calorias por porcion (130g)

Ingredientes: agua, frijol negro, aceite vegetal, sal, queso seco (proviene de la leche), cebolla, sabor artificial de queso y ajo.


Ducal Black Refried Beans with Cheese (Pack of 3)

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