Corn Mill - Molino de Granos de Maiz modelo No. 500 - 1 unit

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Corn Mill - Molino de Granos de Maiz modelo No. 500
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Corn Mill Molino de Granos de Maiz Modelo No. 500 – 1 Unit

Are looking for a corn grinder? Look no further! MexGrocer offershigh quality grinders, which feature cast iron components designed to endureyears of use. Purchased items from the grocery store lack nutrients, naturaloils and flavors that processed grains retain when grind with a corn mill. So make corn flour to make homemade corn tortillas, cream of wheat, multi-graincereals, and old fashioned cornbread. With the grain mill you can also grindall kinds of beans, oats, legumes, barley, corn, grains, cereals and nuts. Makeyour own rich grained flavored flour for cakes, breads, and many baked goods.Use the mill to make fresh granola and nut butters as well as gluten-freebaking mixes.  The Corn Mill by LaMexicana is made with the highest quality cast-iron for a sturdy and longlasting kitchen utensil.


    High quality cast-iron!

    Ideal for grinding all kinds of beans, corn, grains, cereals and nuts.

    Make healthy and fresh grain products in just minutes with results that are free of unwanted preservatives and additives.

    Clamp on installation that is quick and effortless!

    Rust resistant and durable cast-iron.

    Securely attach your corn mill to a counter or table with its sturdy clamp base.

    Wash mill by hand with soapy water and dry it immediately.

    Powder should be wiped off with a dry cloth.

    Mill should not be immersed in water.

    Clamp should be wiped with a soft clean cloth.

    Stainless steel handle that allows easy continuous operation.

    100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.


Corn Mill - Molino de Granos de Maiz modelo No. 500


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