Molcajete (Mortar and Pestle) - 8"

Molcajete (Mortar and Pestle)
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Mexgrocer Molcajete

Molcajete or Mexican Molcajete - A large stone bowl or stone mortar and a pestle to grind chiles and spices. Molcajete's size may vary because of the stone, but it's usually around 8 inches in diameter and 4 1/2" inches tall. The Molcajete (MÕL-CA-HÉT-Ã) M177

Video on how to make an authentic Mexican MOLCAJETE


The word molcajete (mortar) derives from Nahuatl, the language of the Aztecs: “molli” (seasoning or sauce) and “caxitl” (bowl). The word tejolote (pestle) also derives from Nahuatl: “tetl” (stone) and “xolotl” (doll)."Foods traditionally prepared in the molcajete include salsas and mole's (mohl-LAY), as well as guacamole. It is also used for grinding chilies, garlic or other herbs and spices for food preparation.

Molcajete cure recipe.

This recipe will serve you as a guide to prepare (cure) your first Molcajete (stone & pestle) on which you will prepare those delicious salsas and enticing guacamoles.
Recipe Ingredients:
1 Molcajete (Stone & Pestle)
1 Whole garlic bag
Recipe Instructions:
1.-Thoroughly clean the Molcajete with soap and water
2.-With your pestle, grind some garlic up to a paste and spread all over the inside of the mortar.
3.-Leave it to rest, through a whole night.
4.-The next day rinse away the garlic from the mortar and presto! your on your way to prepare your delicious salsas and guacamoles.

Let us begin by assuring you that molcajetes are wonderfully durable items that are often passed down for generations. Many immigrants yearn for the days when their salsa was ground up in these stone mortars instead of a regular blender. The taste that is produced by the mixing of the ingredients with the molcajete is something that must be tasted to be understood.

Now, regarding those shedding bits. It is perfectly normal for a molcajete to shed a few bits here and there as it is being prepared for regular use, but do not use it to prepare salsa until it has finished this shedding process.

However, the larger bits that you refer to are a sign that the molcajete needs to be cured a little further before use. The MexGrocer garlic-curing recipe is one solution but here are two more options to finish the process.


1) Baking the Molcajete:

Inside the molcajete itself, create a paste using onion, garlic, and cooking oil as the base. Spread the paste and be sure to cover all the pores on the inner part of the molcajete. Then place it inside the oven and bake it for 30 minutes at 300 degrees so that the paste thoroughly permeates the stone. Once the molcajete has cooled off, wash it thoroughly with soap and water.

2) Boiling the Molcajete:

Place the molcajete on the stove grill and fill it with water and a lot of grain salt and vinegar. Allow the water to boil and let it be thoroughly consumed. Now let it cool off and cover any left over pores with uncooked rice, using the tejolote (pestle) to grind.

Finally, as a test:

Before using a Molcajete for your first salsa: grind up some sea salt (thick) then some crushed corn until they come out clean and free of debris. Finally, clean the molcajete with a scrub and water and the molcajete is ready for use.

Try one of the two curing methods and do a test. This should take care of the shedding problem and you will be ready to make your salsas.

Let us know if this information to cure Molcajetes has been helpful. If you continue to have problems with your MexGrocer Molcajete, we can send you a replacement.


Molcajete - Grande

Molcajete de piedra redondo - recipiente de piedra o mortero para triturar chiles y especias. Su tamaño varia entre 18 y 20 cms. Molcajete Mexicano.

El molcajete es un mortero de piedra con tres pies, en el cual se muelen especias, chiles y hierbas. Generalmente ayudándose con un poco de líquido. Para moler, se usa mano, también de piedra, llamada TEJOLOTE o TEMACHIN. La licuadora sustituye eficientemente al molcajete. No faltan quienes afirman que pueden distinguir una salsa molida en molcajete de una preparada con licuadora.
Hay muchas formas de curar el molcajete antes de usarlo.
Antes de usar molcajetes y metates se muele en ellos: sal marina gruesa y después maíz quebrado, hasta que salgan limpios. Enseguida se lavan y frotan con una escobeta y agua.
Otra forma de curar los molcajetes:
1.- Limpiar muy bien el molcajete con agua y jabón.
2.- Moler ajo adentro del molcajete hasta que se haga una pasta que se impregne en todos los poros de la parte interior.
3.- Dejar reposar el molcajete toda la noche una vez hecho el paso anterior.
4.- Al día siguiente enguajar muy bien el molcajete y ya quedó listo.

Otras maneras de curar el molcajete son:

Hornear el molcajete: Hacer una pasta a base de cebolla, ajo y aceite comestible en el mismo molcajete, asegurándose que se llenen todos los poros de la parte interior y meterlo al horno por 30 minutos para que se impregne bien la pasta en la piedra. Una ves que se enfrie lavarlo con agua y jabon.

Hervir Agua con Sal de grano y Vinagre: Poner el molcajete en la parrilla de la estufa, llenarlo con agua, mucha sal de grano y vinagre. Dejar que el agua hierva y se consuma hasta al final. Dejarlo enfriar y tapar los poros que queden con arroz crudo molido, utilizando el tejolote o piedra para moler.

Otra forma de Curar el molcajete

Antes de usar molcajetes y metates se muele en ellos: sal marina gruesa y después maíz quebrado, hasta que salgan limpios. Enseguida se lavan y frotan con una escobeta y agua.

Video Cómo Curar un Molcajete by Jauja Cocina Mexicana


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By Q
Kona, HI
Authentic and Amazing!
July 29, 2021
I had been searching for an authentic molcajete for so long, and this is it! Beautiful, great size, and enhances the flavor of everything you prepare in it. Fast shipping to Hawaii!
By Bob
Topeka KS
Molcajete (Mortar and Pestle)
October 2, 2020
After about three months of trying to find a good Molcajete and returning two I finally found one with MexGrocer. Very pleased and have enjoyed using it.
By G F.
The Best Kind!
July 18, 2020
This 8" molcajete is superb--almost like Grandma's! It almost needs no curing. It is solid with very small pores--it's the real deal. Worth every penny. Diana Kennedy would approve!
  • Solid, heavy, substantial and superior volcanic rock.
  • None
By Robert
Received on time and in great shape. Couldn't be happier!
June 16, 2020
Bought this for my wife and I because we love to make mexican food. This thing really ups your salsa and gucamole game not to mention all the other myriad uses we've discovered like pounding garlic or ginger (porque no los dos?) into a paste in seconds.
By Zaira
March 29, 2020
Love it for my salsa
By Marta
August 15, 2019
Love these Molcajetes. They are as good as the one I have from Mexico. I give them as wedding shower gifts. Everyone should have one.
By Herminio S.
West Covina, Ca
back to the stone age!
August 3, 2018
In love with my "new" way of preparing my food from olden times. And it's a great art object too!
By John
San Diego
Great molcajete
December 29, 2017
Great piece. Less porous than most which is great. Sits very stable/flat on countertop. Nice people to deal with, will be ordering more items very soon(already have).
Thank you Ignacio.
  • Very dense, sits flat on counter, well shaped pestle.
  • None
By Juan C.
Gloucester VA
good quality
March 4, 2016
really nice
By Debra
Upper Michigan
Functional Beauty.
January 7, 2016
I love molcajetes for mashing avocados, tomatoes, garlic. You can't go wrong.
  • Not that hard to cure and not that hard to clean after using.
By Diana M.
Hotizon city
excellent product
November 11, 2015
So far I have no complaints, this is great; despite the fact that is not made of lava rock it gives a great flavor to the sauces I have prepared. 
By Charles S.
Pocatello, Idaho
I give this item 5 stars.
October 17, 2015
This item surpasses my expectations. I truly love this.
By Mary
mesa AZ
Thank You for VIDEO
October 23, 2013
The video was GREAT!!
By Jaime B.
Review for Molcajete (Mortar and Pestle)
November 4, 2011
I bought this as a wedding gift for my cousin. They had registered for a cheesy one from another store. I ordered this because I knew that it would be of the highest quality. The newlyweds are super elated with it! ¡Gracias Mexgrocer!
Review for Molcajete (Mortar and Pestle)
March 14, 2011
Nice and heavy. It took a while to prepare it by grinding and using rice and then seasoning. Has worked well
By Emiliano Z.
Review for Molcajete (Mortar and Pestle)
January 27, 2011
If you are cooking any Mexican food, the herbs and spices should be ground and not chopped/blended. This molcajete, while smallish, serves for small portions. It is well made and handsome.
By Gary C.
Review for Molcajete (Mortar and Pestle)
May 29, 2010
I purchased this when free shipping was offered. It was a great price. I have been grinding rice in it in order to make sure I don't end up with gritty food. It looks great and there is a very real difference between the flavor of ingredients that have diced and those that have been ground. I am very satisfied with it.
By Raymond
Review for Molcajete (Mortar and Pestle)
December 26, 2009
It makes a terrific guacamole and looks impressive on the kitchen counter ! It is a wonderful gift that is reasonably priced even with shipping .


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