Tamales Masa Spreader - Extendedor de Masa MAS TAMALES Mex-Sales - 1 unit

Tamales Masa Spreader - Extendedor de Masa MAS TAMALES Mex-Sales
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Tamales Masa Spreader - Extendedor de Masa MAS TAMALES Mex-Sales - Tamale Masa Spreader - 5 1/2" x 4"

Mas tamales Masa Spreader - Extendedor de Masa is fast & easy to make tamales. Just one stroke for a perfect spread to make one tamale in each corn husk. Don't spread the masa with back of a spoon any more, it takes many strokes and the spoon never really achieves an even spread of masa. Use The Mas Tamales Masa Spreader to have better results. Sandra Vazquez is the inventor of the Masa Spreader.

Tamales Masa Spreader Video

Tamales Making Instructions to spread the masa dough

1.- Pick up 1/2 cup of masa dough with front end of Mas Tamles masa spreader.

2.- Place on husk and press to the angle of the spreader

3.- Slide towards the bottom until husk is finished. Set husk aside. Pick up remaining masa with the front end of spreader. Continue doing these steps for every tamale you want to make.

How to use better your MAS TAMALES Masa Spreader
Use handle like an "iron".
Spreader works best with soft warm masa.
Use large smooth surface to spread.
For a thicker spread use more masa and less pressure.

For more information about Mex-Sales and MAS TAMALES Masa Spreader, please visit Mex-Sales.com / Tamalespreader.com.


Extendedor de Masa para Tamales MAS TAMALES de Mex-Sales - Mas Tamales Extender Masa

Como dice Sandra Vázquez inventora del Tamale Spreader. "Si está bien o si esta mal, es tamal".

Hacer tamales con el Extendedor de Masa para Tamales es rápido y fácil. En una sola pasada, queda la cantidad de masa exacta para un untado perfecto en las hojas de maiz para tus tamales.

Pasos para Hacer los Tamales con Extendedor MAS TAMALES

1.- Levante 1/2 taza de masa con la punta del extendedor.
2.- Coloque en la hoja la masa y aplane al ángulo del extendedor.
3.- Deslice hacia abajo hasta terminar co la hoja. Ponga la hoja de maíz a un lado y levante el resto de la masa con la punta del extendedor.

Consejos prácticos para utilizar mejor el Extendedor de Masa

Lave el extendedor con jabón y agua caliente antes y después de usar.
Use el mango del extendedor como si fuera una "plancha".
El extendedor trabaja mejor con masa suave y tibia.
Use una superficie amplia y plana para el extendedor.
Para extender la masa mas gruesa, use mas masa y menos presión.

Para mas informacion sobre Mex-Sales y para conocer la historia de MAS TAMALES Extendedor de Masa, favor visitar Mex-Sales.com.

Video Como usar el Tamale Masa Spreader para hacer 30 tamales por minuto


53 Reviews
94% (50)
6% (3)
0% (0)
0% (0)
0% (0)
70% Recommend this product (37 of 53 responses)
By Irene Ortiz
Danville, Illinois
February 22, 2019
Masa spreader
Masa spreader. I loved it. It has been a great help in making more tamales faster
By bill
clarksville, tn
February 19, 2019
tamale speader
good and fast service, thankyou
By Al
San Jose, Ca
January 17, 2019
Tamale spreader
ProsEasy to use
By Jose
January 7, 2019
Excellent Product
It truely made it easy and sped up the process, thank you for its creation!
By Francis Leach
Gainesville TX
February 18, 2018
mesa spreader
Works great if mesa is warm. Ordered four and only have one left. Friends do not let friends spread the old way.
By Trudy
Mission Viejo,
February 4, 2018
Just like the video shows
Thank goodness you have a how-to video on your site. My skeptical, Mexican long-time tamale makers were amazed to see how easy it made the process.
By Lee Granger
Lake Charles, La.
October 17, 2017
masa spreader
works as adertised
By Teresa Still
Texarkana, TX
October 16, 2017
Masa Spreader
The masa spreader makes it so easy to make a lot of tamales in short amount of time.
By Liz
Detroit, MI
January 18, 2017
Works great!
I bought 4 of these and my family and I used it and it worked like it said. Took a few minutes to get use to it but the time of doing it this way or the old fashion way this spreader wins!! Young and old loved this product!!
By connie guevara
December 31, 2016
Really liked the product very pleased
By James deckard
Wichita ks
November 8, 2016
Best money ive ever spent
Worked great once got used to it...we made 10 dzn tamalies in under an hour..my goal is to make 10 dzn in under 45 min great iteam
ProsEqsly to use once used to it
By Brenda Salcedo Weaverling
Nampa, ID
April 10, 2016
Tamale spreader
I never made tamales before. I tried making them for the first time in 48 years and I was having problems with the masa. Which is why it took me so long toStart making them. I didn't feel confident enough. Now that I gave it a shot I tried everything I could think of to make it easier too spread the masa. I found what I thought was the answer, until my hand started cramping up so bad I couldn't move it. So I looked on line and found you. Right away, I ordered the tamales spreader. I was hoping it would get here in time to finish an order I had of 18 dozen tamales. Of course, it came the same day. When I was done. It's just my husband and myself that make tamales in a kitchen that should be in a small bachelors pad. I love this product. I'm still trying to figure it out. I'd like to be able too spread the masa in one swipe, like it's advertised.
ProsEasier to spread masa.
ConsDoes not spread masa evenly in one swipe.  Takes several to spread the masa. 
By John Madrid
Crown point In.
January 15, 2016
Better then a spoon
Made spreading masa a lot faster
By Michelle cruz
January 14, 2016
Best invention ever I usually need everyone's help to make tamales for Christmas because I make 300 tamales this year I did all by myself all I needed was my AMAZING tamale spreader 
By Jetta
January 13, 2016
Best thing ever!
I loved this after a few times, then I was a Pro, and they couldn't keep
Up with me.
By Cdo
January 11, 2016
We bought three and once our friends and family tried them they all got "borrowed" for their own tamales! These are awesome, grandmothers, great aunts, people that have been making tamales for years loved them!  Cut our mass spreading time in half!
By Peggy
Akeley, MN
January 10, 2016
Just what I was looking for
I love the Masa spreader. I quit making Tamales years ago, because it was such a hassle to put the masa on. Now I can make them whenever I want. The spreader is great.
United States
January 10, 2016
AWESOME.  I would definitely recommend this product to everyone. Using the spreader,  we made 25 dozens in 2 hours with only two of us. It's quicker and cleaner.  
By Marie Montijo
Madera Ca
January 10, 2016
I love this product! tI made making tamales go so fast. My husband was amazed at how fast we were done.
Prosexcellent price
By Julie Vasquez
January 9, 2016
Very handy
ProsKeeps mass even
ConsToo narrow, but it's good.
By Erboga
January 9, 2016
Great tool
When I first started was kind of hard but on the 6 tamal I was rocking, great tool saved me so much time, it is so easy . I bought  two more for my sister and for my friend
ProsFast easy saves time
ConsThe instructions  didn't say to put the masa on a flat surface so took me a wile to figure it out
By Gil
Decoto (Union City), California
January 9, 2016
tamale spreader
I was a little hesitant and skeptical, about this product! After receiving the item in the mail (took about 3 days to receive it), I immediately thought that this spreader just might be the answer to quickly spreading the masa for tamales! Two days after I received the spreader, we made tamales (my wife and I)! I usually spread and my wife stuffs the tamales. My wife usually has to stop stuffing, so she can help me catch up, with the corn husks! NOT THIS YEAR!!!!! This device was so useful and QUICK, that I ended up taking breaks, so my wife could catch up to me! I have told MULTIPLE friends of mine, that this is the REAL DEAL! Thank you for a wonderful, helpful item! Making tamales will never be the same for me. VERY GOOD product! I would recommend, this product (and I have) to anyone, that is going to make tamales!
By Yvette
Sacramento va
January 2, 2016
The best!
Ivexbeen makingvTamales for many years n i make them pretty fast, well i thought i did . until i purchased the tamale spreader. It was the best investment! It cut my time drastically n so easy to use.
By Debbie
Waxahachie, Texas
December 30, 2015
Easy to use/Timesaver
The tamale spreader was fast and easy to use. A real timesaver, had 8 dozen tamales ready for the steamer in no time at all. Recommend this great tool!
By Francisco Cordova
Albuquerque NEW MEXICO
December 20, 2015
This made the whole process easier for my honey.
Best invention since sliced bread cut time greatly and my honeys hands were not sore. Recommended this to all my family and friends.  They ran out and grabbed there own. 
ProsCut time greatly
By James McComas
Anna, TX and Venice, FL
December 7, 2015
I can't believe how much this has made a gringo's tamale making simpler. To it's inventor I say thanks a million.
By Cynthia
Redmond Oregon
December 2, 2015
My new favorite tool
My 12 year old granddaughter and I lived the masa spreader. I purchased 4 of them and 1 I gave her as a gift. Fast even and fun. Had the pleasure of speaking with the creator on the phone, a very lovely and generous woman. She made a lot of lives much easier. Her family and friends call her the tamale ambassador!! I hope to see more bright colors, I just love color. 
ProsClean, fast and very affordable
ConsDoes not work well if your husk are wet so give them a shake or a pat or stand up to drain a little or masa will not spread evenly where there are wet spots
By Ralph
Superior, WI
September 21, 2015
Best tamales I've ever made.
Your Tamale Masa Spreader helped me create the best tamales ever. Great consistency of masa per tamale. No more dough balls with not enough meat. It also made making tamales much faster. Being able to spread the dough and stack the spread husks made things move right along. My neighbor wanted to use it!
ProsEasy to use. The ability to pick up the unused masa dough with the spreader made it much less messy. No more doughy hands.
ConsI don't see any minuses with this product though I've only used it once.
By Dennis
Ontario, Ca.
January 21, 2015
Every tamale maker should own 2 or 3 of these
I bought 6 for my wife and her family, 14 all together. Xmas tamale making was amazing. We went through 60 pds. the
first night in about 2 hrs. after all of the BS. The next day my wife made up 30 pds. by herself in 2 hrs. Amazing item.
We don't see how you can keep them in stock. I did check with 'E-Super' market which said they were contracted to sell
but had no luck finding them.
ProsI can't say how amazing this product is.
ConsNone, nothing, there is nothing wrong with the Tamale Spreader.
By Linda Foster
January 16, 2015
Tamales Masa Spreader
It worked great on premixed Masa from Cardenas Market, it sucked with my homemade Masa too cornmeal texture...??
ProsWas great
By fred
January 8, 2015
good product
For tbe first time i was able spread masa faster thn they can add the mole to the tamal i recomed tbis product
By Mary
Gulfport, MS
January 1, 2015
Tamales Masa Spreader
I haven't had a chance to use this product yet but looking forward to it. New at tamale making.
By Rebecca Chappell
Sonora, CA
August 31, 2013
Great Product
How did I ever make tamales before without this gadget? The spreading was always the tedious part. Now the spreading is the easiest! I can't believe how easy it was to use. While I'm not quite the master spreader as the lady in the video, it was very easy to use and worked just like it is supposed to. There is no excuse now for not making tamales year around.
By Denise
Pufet Sound
December 13, 2012
This has cut the time in half. It is a must for any tamale maker. I have purchsed one for many family members
By Amy R.
January 11, 2012
Masa Spreader
Love this!!!! It makes your time spreading Masa quick. Easy to use. Will never make tamales with out this tool. I made 6 dozen Tamales in no time with this awesome tool! Highly recommend.
By Yvette
Livingston, CA
January 8, 2012
Mas Tamales Spreader
I'm a white girl, who learned how to make tamales. Never spreaded the masa with a spoon, used this, from the get go. I bought 5, ended up giving 4 of them away, to my tamale maker friends and Mother-In-Law. They love it, and I do too. I'm ordering more,so I can have some on hand, for others. :) :)
ProsEasy to use, and cuts time down, QUICKLY on spreading masa on corn husks
ConsCan't think of any
By Mariajak
Sacto, Ca
January 5, 2012
It really works - and I am a begginer
The Mas Tamale spreader works - there is a learning curve (just like with anything else) - but once I got the hang of it ,I couldn't imagine making tamale with out it - My tamale making experience is very limited, just a few times with friends and it has been years since the last time I did that - I really wanted to learn how to do it on my own - I feel like a pro after seeing and tasting my results - rick bayless red chile pork filling and mark miller masa - and the spreader - my tamales rocked! I can now teach other family member how to make tamales - I have already ordered more spreaders... peace
Proseven , one swipe masa application.
Conslearning curve - which was exspected.
By Kathi
Burns Lake BC Canada
December 18, 2011
the Tamale Masa Spreader is fantastic. It makes it so easy to make tamales. It is well worth the $7.95. We got two and now with our whole making them it takes no time at all. Two spreading the masa and two filling and folding.
Prosease if use, easy to clean, everything
By Char
May 15, 2011
Review for Tamales Masa Spreader - Extendedor de Masa MAS TAMALES Mex-Sales
This tool is awesome and making tamales is a pleasure, can make them so much faster now. Better than the palm and spoon method that I was raised on! My girlfriend who helps make them loves it too. She has RA and this tool makes it very easy for her to work the husks to spread the masa. Thank you for such a wonderful tool!
By L. Vazquez
January 11, 2011
Review for Tamales Masa Spreader - Extendedor de Masa MAS TAMALES Mex-Sales
Took a minute to get the hang of but I'm very pleased with it.
By elia
January 9, 2011
Review for Tamales Masa Spreader - Extendedor de Masa MAS TAMALES Mex-Sales
I love this MASA spreader - I bought 2, yes, 1 for me and the other as a xmas gift. It is amazing-My husband love it so much he wanted to help out in the kitchen for the first time.. I also make little like gorditas with it ( I spread and filled with a table spoon of filling - then I spread again picked up that masa put it un top of the other masa & filling and pinched all around and fried on a table spoon of reg olive oil ) I guess is like a gordita!! very healthy if you are careful how is cooked & was goes in it!! Enjoy!! E.
By Peter Urdiales
January 6, 2011
Review for Tamales Masa Spreader - Extendedor de Masa MAS TAMALES Mex-Sales
very good very pleased with results only thing was that handle breaks easily other than that very satisfied with the spreader!
By dee
January 4, 2011
Review for Tamales Masa Spreader - Extendedor de Masa MAS TAMALES Mex-Sales
This is the most simple and yet greatest invention! Cuts the time needed tomake tamales by more than half. Love it
By Janice W
December 29, 2010
Review for Tamales Masa Spreader - Extendedor de Masa MAS TAMALES Mex-Sales
This is a useful item. I refer to it as my "tamale trowel" because it looks almost like a drywall mud trowel. It's easy to use and I used it to press out extra thick sopes.
By Yvette
December 28, 2010
Review for Tamales Masa Spreader - Extendedor de Masa MAS TAMALES Mex-Sales
Bought 4 of them, one for MIL, and rest for me. Never will make tamales without these. They cut the time in 1/2.
By Monty
December 11, 2010
Review for Tamales Masa Spreader - Extendedor de Masa MAS TAMALES Mex-Sales
My family makes tamales every year. This item works great. I plan on buying 3 more.
By Ramona
November 10, 2010
Review for Tamales Masa Spreader - Extendedor de Masa MAS TAMALES Mex-Sales
Totally recommend it, it works great! I liked it so much I ordered it for other family members too.
By Megan
October 26, 2010
Review for Tamales Masa Spreader - Extendedor de Masa MAS TAMALES Mex-Sales
I can't get corn husks overseas, they always get taken at customs. I have had to switch to tamales wrappers. They work well....the spreader did not work with them, but would have been perfect if I had corn husks. Definitely recommend this product and highly recommend watching the video.
By S.Face
October 25, 2010
Review for Tamales Masa Spreader - Extendedor de Masa MAS TAMALES Mex-Sales
It really works,riped out three dozen in 10min.
By georgia
August 29, 2010
Review for Tamales Masa Spreader - Extendedor de Masa MAS TAMALES Mex-Sales
The spreader does what it's designed for. I recommend this for anyone attempting to make tamales.



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