Corn Husks for Tamales - Hojas para Tamal - 8 oz

Corn Husks for Tamales - Hojas para Tamal
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Tampico Corn Husks Shells No. 1 for Tamales 8 oz - Hojas para Tamal

Dried corn husks to make tamales. Shell shape - Hojas para tamales en forma de concha. (Aprox. 40 husks 10" x 8")


This is a basic, easy recipe for Tamales. There are so many variations on these you would be amazed. While they are traditionally wrapped in corn husks, you can also wrap them in banana leaves. They can be made with most any kind of meat or vegetarian fillin. You can even make fruit tamales for dessert! You can make these ahead of time-even a few days ahead of time. They refrigerate well. Be sure to begin steaming them about an hour before you're ready to sit down and eat. This delicious recipe will delight your friends and family. Be sure to serve with some salsa fresca on the side for those who love to spice things up a little! Serves eight.

Video Como formar y envolver tamales de Larousse Cocina


Tampico Hojas de Maiz Concha No. 1 para Tamales

Hojas de maiz secas para hacer tamales. Forma de concha. Estas son las hojas de mejor calidad.


Las hojas de maíz se deben remojar con anticipación, unas dos o tres horas; deben quedar suaves y flexibles. Se unta la masa que se ha preparado en la hoja, el tamal puede ser de cualquier tamaño, aunque se recomienda que sea del tamaño de una cuchara de cocinar, con la misma cuchara se le hace en el centro un espacio para poner el relleno. Una vez puesto el relleno, se cierran las hojas, procurando que el relleno quede en el centro de la masa, primero se cierra a lo ancho de la hoja y posteriormente longitudinalmente, quedando un paquete como de 10 cm de altura, 5 de ancho y dos o tres de espesor.
Ya que se tienen todos los tamales hechos se ponen el la olla exprés o en una vaporera. En la olla exprés se tardan 10 minutos aproximadamente y en la vaporera de 25 a 35 minutos. Se comen calientes (sin la hoja) y se puede acompañar con atole, chocolate caliente o champurrado (mas espeso).


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By Rosie
Review for Corn Husks Shells No. 1 for Tamales - Hojas para Tamal
January 27, 2011
The best corn husks you'll find. They are evenly shaped, large and clean.
By Jeannie S.
Review for Corn Husks Shells No. 1 for Tamales - Hojas para Tamal
January 2, 2011
Wouldn't use any other product for my tamales. Thanks MexGrocer =)
By Bonnie A.
Review for Corn Husks Shells No. 1 for Tamales - Hojas para Tamal
December 29, 2010
I was pretty leary about making a purchase online for this item, as I am about every purchase I make online...but am very pleased that I did. I only wish I had ordered more of them, as I ran out of them and was forced to get them at the grocery store supercenter I might add! The quality was horrible! I will definitely be ordering more from mexgrocer...their items are top notch and worth every penny! Thanks mexgrocer...
By Rosemary P.
Review for Corn Husks Shells No. 1 for Tamales - Hojas para Tamal
September 2, 2010
My mother had purchased these corn husk shells at Costco in our area (Los Feliz). When she returned to purchase more a few months later, Costco no longer carried them. My mother asked me to look them up on the Internet and I found them at Mexgrocer. I placed the order, they were shipped to my home and Mother made more tamales and we were THOROUGHLY pleased and satisfied with the quality of the corn husks and the professional service of Mexgrocer online. Thank you and remember that a company is only as good as its employees :)
By Patty M.
Review for Corn Husks Shells No. 1 for Tamales - Hojas para Tamal
August 23, 2010
I was happy to find these since I can't find them her in the small Canadian town I live in (and can't get tamales at any of the so-called Mexican restaurants around here). The husks were in good shape - I only found one that was broken up and unusable. I will order these again (unless I can convince a local grocer to carry them).



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