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Tortilla Chips and Tostadas including brands Doritos, Tostitos, Takis, Rancheritos and more.

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Tostada in Spanish means “Toasted” and they date back to the ancient Mesoamerican and pre-columbian cultures. They would take three different colored corns: red, yellow, and a purple/blue and made masa with it. Then they would take the masa and shape it into round, huge tortillas, which they will leave out in the sun to dry and have all their moisture removed. The process of drying the tortillas would take days or months depending on the amount of sunlight. The tortillas became tostadas once they were completely dry. People later realized how good the tostadas were and how longer they would last unlike tortillas.

The idea of making tostadas was to avoid wasting tortillas when they went stale, they were still fresh too eat, but to hard to be rolled into tacos. The old tortilla will be put into oil to fry, until it’s rigid, golden and crunchy like a slice of toast bread (where the name tostada came from). They are then served alone to accompany different kinds of Mexican dishes like stews and seafood, like Birria, Menudo and Pozole.

Tostadas are a dish of their own, and it’s very popular to eat them in Mexico. Beans are spread onto the tortilla, and then it’s topped with the main ingredient which can be meat, chicken, pork, or chorizo to dress the tostada. Then its finally topped with chopped lettuce, tomatoes, sliced or chopped onions, sour cream, cheese and salsa are spread all over the tostada like a pizza or rigid taco. Due to the tostadas being fragile and flat, they tend to break when eaten, so the main topping must be pasty or sticky so the rest of the ingredients will stay on top and not fall when the tostada is eaten.

Tostadas are usually topped with ingredients that are similar to taco fillings, but they can also be topped with seafood like shrimp, chopped octopus, crab, cooked tuna, and ceviche. Tostadas can be cut or crushed into tiny triangles and served as snacks or appetizers, accompanied with guacamole, beans or salsa for dipping. brings you the best quality tostadas so you can make your own at home. If you want to make tasty healthy tostadas use Sanissimo Picaditas Salted and Oven Baked Corn Tostadas, with no conservatives, no cholesterol, no artificial color or flavorings. Who said tostadas had to be only plain? Make yours with Charras tostadas Chipotle and Jalapeno for delicious tostadas with a spicy kick. Make sure to check out Los Pericos Mexican Tostadas and Los Pericos Tostadas Casera for regular tostadas and Charras other tostadas: Natural Yellow made with Mexican corn, natural, crunchy and delicious tostada that must be present at your table, Baked Sesame low in fat, made with 100% natural ingredients, helps lower cholesterol for its high sesame content for those palates who like to enhance their meals, Charras Natural Baked with 100% natural ingredients, low in fat and ideal to be enjoyed with no regrets and Tostada Casera ideal to make delicious tostadas at home and for soupy dishes as they are thick and tough. For your next party, accompany your salsas with Charras Baked Totopos Horneados, they taste like they just came out of the oven, and will make a delicious appetizers your guests will surely enjoy! If you prefer tacos try Casa Fiesta Taco Shells, for an authentic, crunchy and flavorful meal.

Tortilla Chips

Tortilla chips are a thin, crisp piece of snack food made from corn meal that are cut into wedges and are later fried. They are made of corn, salt, vegetable oil and water. Yellow corn is the traditional way Tortilla chips are made, but they can also be made of blue, red or white corn.

Tortilla chips are the complimentary appetizer in Mexican and Tex-Mex restaurants, and are served with salsa or some type of dip like guacamole, chili con queso and refried beans.

MexGrocer is proud to bring you the best brands of tortilla chips snacks. For your next party, barbecue, reunion or for watching tv open up a bag of Rancheritos and enjoy the special and unique flavor for the mix of chili powder and mix, you can eat them by themselves or seasoned them with lime and your favorite hot sauce. You like it hot? Then Doritos has the right tortilla chips for you. For a snack that is sure to give a fiery boost of flavor try our Doritos hot brands: Fiery Habanero, Tapatio Salsa Picante Hot Sauce Flavor , Flamas, and Toro Habanero for a fiery flavor that will make your taste buds go up in flames. For a milder snack, but just as delicious check out Doritos Salsa Verde with a zesty flavor that will make you go for more, Spicy Nachos with a tangy cheese flavor you won’t be able to put down, Spicy Sweet Chili that gives you a tasty combination of sweet and spicy for a snack that’s irresistible, Toasted Corn for a unique great crunch and salty flavor, Doritos collisions Cheesy Enchilada / Sour Cream two flavors in one bag, eat them together for a cheesy enchilada taste with a delicious mix of hot and cool and flavorful spicy pizza taste have Doritos Pizza Supreme 11 and Pizzerolas Pizza Flavored Tortilla Chips.

Another very famous tortilla chip snacks in high demand are Takis by Barcel and MexGrocer has all your favorites. Takis are flavored roll tortilla chips covered with ingredients such as chile, lime and spices. If you love tangy snacks Takis has a delicious variety of tortilla chip snacks that are bursting with flavor, such as hot chili and pepper, Fajita Taco, Guacamole, Fuego, Salsa Brava and Nitro Habanero.

For your next party, barbecue or reunion Tostitos tortilla chips are the ideal snack to enjoy with loved ones or while watching a sports game. Tostitos has a delicious selection of flavors that will keep you craving for more: Scoops, White corn with a hint of lime, Blue Corn, Chipotle, and Garlic & Black bean. Make sure to dip your Tostitos tortilla chips with Tostitos salsas.

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