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Mexican Lollipops Candies Flavors and Brands

Everybody loves lollipops because they are irresistible due to their shapes, colors, texture, flavors, sizes and varieties. Mexico offers the most creative confections and unlike your typical sweet caramel, lollipops from Mexico are made with chile, chamoy, tamarind (tamarindo), dulce de leche (milk caramel), fruit, chocolate, marshmallows and many more flavors. Going to a Mexican candy store to buy lollipops is like going to a toy store, since there are so many flavors and types to choose from, it’s hard to know where to begin.

Lollipops are a work of art and have become a part of Mexican culture. You’ll find all sorts of lollipops; big, small, round, squared, with swirls, in the shape of fruits, with rough, soft, and chewy textures. Dulces Vero is the finest example of the creativity in these sweets, not only are they the oldest lollipop manufacturing company, but the most creative. Their caramel lollipops are flavored and shaped like fruits and are covered with a delicious chili coating, that is pleasant to the tongue and its heat is bearable.

Other lollipops from different brands are flavored with tamarind, chile, or chamoy, while others are coated with these spicy flavors. Plain caramels are also sold with chili or salty lemon flavored powders, as well as gooey tamarind inside small containers in which the lollipops can be dipped and given a unique taste. Chile can also be found inside the caramels, besides being coated with it or have a dried salted plum in the middle. While tamarind and chile lollipops are signature flavors in Mexico, there are other delicious concoctions for those who prefer a mellow and less spicy candy; milk caramel lollipops (dulce de leche) made from fresh goat or cow milk and marshmallow lollipops coated in chocolate are a few examples. As you can see Mexico offers lollipops for all candy lovers, whether you love sweet, salty, sour or spicy treats there are tons of flavors and brands for you to choose. This creative diversity is what makes Mexico stand out from other candies.

The following list has the most popular brands that specialize on the manufacture of lollipops in Mexico.

Vero Mexican Candy

Dulces Vero – This company creates the most fun concoctions in the country, with lollipops that come in the shapes and flavor of corn, mango and watermelon (Vero mango, elote and rebanaditas), and has a delicious chili coating with bearable heat. Dulces Vero also sells plain caramel lollipops with a bag of Chili powder such as Vero Vagabundo for you to dip the candy in. There is also Vero Manitas which are plain caramels with no chili and are cherry flavored. Other delicious caramel fruit flavored lollipops are Paletas Chupadedo, Paleta del Chavo del Ocho, Semaforo and Palerindas.

De La Rosa

De La Rosa – Known for its sweet treats De La Rosa creates the most exquisite lollipops on the Mexican market. Ranging from Jumbo Cereza a cherry flavored lollipop with a delicious gum filling to Pulparindo Popsicles that are made with tamarind pulp, are just a few of the sweets De La Rosa has to offer.


Coronado and La Vaquita – These brands offer the most delicious dulce de leche lollipops for those candy lovers with a weakness for Mexico’s traditional milk caramel. Coronado besides offering the standard milk caramel lollipops, also have a bigger version called Paleta de Cajeta Grande (big caramel lollipop).

Chupa Chups

Chupa Chups – These delicious lollipops got their name from the Spanish word “Chupeta”, originally created in Spain this brand has become famous worldwide. Its popularity is due to its creamy flavor that resembles ice cream. Chupa Chups has a wide variety of flavors, the most popular being chocolate, vanilla and strawberry.


Paletones and Paletas Payaso – For chocolate and marshmallow lovers, Mexico offers a sweet mixture of both with Paletones and Paletas Payaso. The Paletones are a drop shaped marshmallow covered in a thin layer of chocolate, while the Paleta Payaso is a round marshmallow covered in chocolate with gummies forming a face like a clown, hence its name Paleta Payaso (Clown lollipop).

Other mouthwatering lollipops you’ll find at are Pale-Locas which are uniquely squared lollipops that have 2 caramels one on each side of the stick, Paletas Alvbro Pollito Asado (Little Chicken lollipops) that are spicy with pineapple and peach flavors. There are also the famous Rockaleta lollipops by Sonric’s that have four delicious chili layers plus a tamarind and gum filling, and if you prefer sweeter caramel lollipops the Pachicletas are for you, these candies are similar to Rockaletas but have a sweet four layered coating instead of chile. For a delicious twist on lollipops Fire Kids Sandia Hot and Tama King are succulent gummy lollipops coated in delicious tamarind, there is also the Luxus Chupirul that has a unique triangle shape and melts in your mouth as you lick it. Indy Cerillos, Marimbas and Chipileta are also tasty brands that you’ll be sure to enjoy.

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