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The parent company to Azteca Milling and the brand Maseca is Gruma S.A.B. de C.V., which is the world leader in corn flour and tortilla production in countries like USA, Mexico, Central America, Venezuela and Europe. The company started back in 1949 when it tried to modernize the masa and tortilla industry through a more efficient process that was also industrial and ecological. The goal was to industrialize the process of transforming nixtamalized corn into flour, allowing the product to stay fresh longer. Trough this process the company revolutionized the selling, distribution and production processes of all food products made from this grain. Mexicans no longer had to make tortillas in the traditional way by mixing corn, lime and water, GRUMA invented the appropriate technology to make them from processed corn flour, by just mixing Maseca and water together; a technological leap of almost 5000 years that resulted in a revolutionary simplification of the process leaving behind the artisanal methods of using crude grinders and pestles. After 60 years of continued research GRUMA positioned itself as world leader of products derived from corn and grains as well as production of processed corn flour and tortillas.

Gruma produces and commercializes corn flour and tortillas in the United States, Europe, and China. In the United States, Gruma Corporation is headquartered in Irving, Texas. Its brand names include Mission (Misión in Mexico), Maseca, Guerrero, Selecta and Masa Mixta. Gruma produces bread, canned food, snacks, corn and wheat tortillas, palm hearts, rice, oat and pasta, among other food products in countries where they hold operations.

MASECA is synonymous with corn tortillas and can also be used to make tamales, enchiladas, pupusas, atoles, and many other authentic Mexican, Central American, and South American dishes.

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Azteca Milling, L.P. 1159 Cottonwood Lane Suite 130 Irving, Texas 75038 T: 972-232-5300 / 1-888-4MASECA / 1-800-364-0040 F: 972-232-5370 E:


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