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Sweet and Sour Mexican Candy

Sweet and Sour Mexican Candy

Pulparindo -Tamarind Mexican Candy by De La Rosa
Pulparindo Extra Hot and Salted Tamarind Pulp Candy
BomVaso (Bombaso or Bom Vaso) by Lucas 1.2 oz
Limon 7 - Polvo de Sal y Limon - Salt & Lemon powder - 7 oz
Bolitochas Fresa (19.04 oz.)
Bolitochas Piña (19.04 oz.)
Bolitochas Sandia (19.04 oz.)
Bolitochas Tamarindo (19.04 oz.)
Lucas Salsagheti Gusanos Sandia - Hot Mexican Candy Straws
Lucas Gusano Dulce de Chamoy - Mexican Liquid Candy
Lucas Muecas - Lollipop with Chili Powder - Chamoy
Lucas Panzon - Watermelon hard candy and chamoy liquid candy
Lucas Skwinkles Chamoy Clasicos Mexican Candy
Lucas Baby sabor Chamoy
Lucas Muecas Lollipop with Chili Powder Mango
Lucas Skwinkles Rellenos Pineapple Flavor Hot Candy
Balmoro Chili Spicy Dehydrated Mangos
Chili Mango
Que Rico Candy Mango with Chile
Que Rico Candy Pica Bola (Pack of 10)
Que Rico Candy Mango with Chile (Pack of 10)
Lucas Muecas Lollipop with Chili Powder Cherry
Lucas Muecas Lollipop with Chili Powder Pika Pepino
Zumba Pica Limoncho Lemon Powder
Sonrics Rockaleta Bola (Rocabola)
Vero PicaGomas Tamarind - Pica Goma
Vero Pica Fresa
Vero Pica Gomas Watermelon Flavor (21.2 oz)
Pelon Picosito - Fruit Seasoning
Rockaleta by Sonric's
Crayon - Strawberry - Fresa Candy
Peloton Mango with Chile by Lorena
Crayon Fresa
Crayon Mango
Saladitos Sabor Limon - Saladulces HOLA Lobito - Salados Lemon Flavored Salted Apricot - 1.2 oz
Picoso - Chabacano Salado Picosito HOLA Lobito - Chile Flavored Salted Apricot
Salado Fresco - Saladulces HOLA Lobito - Lemon Flavored Salted Plums - 2.4 oz
Salado Agriculce - Saladulces HOLA Lobito - Sweet and Sour Flavored Salted Plums - 3.5 oz
Salado Enmielado con Chile - Saladulces HOLA Lobito - Strawberry Flavored Salted Plums - 3.5 oz
Salado Sabor Naranja - Saladulces HOLA Lobito - Orange Flavored Salted Plums - 3.5 oz
Chamoy Rojo - Saladulces HOLA Lobito - Salted Apricots - 3.5 oz
Mexican Candy Gift Pack
Pinata & Candy Fiesta Package Gift Pack
La Dulceria - Mexican Candy Lovers Package
Chipileta Orange Lollipop and Hot Candy Powder 11.6 oz
Anahuac Jugo de Sabores - Sour Candy Balls 4.2 oz
Limon 7 (Salero) Salt and Lemon Powder 6.3 oz
Lucas Salsagheti Gusano Mango Flavor 12.6 oz
Lucas Baby Sweet'n Sour Powder Assorted Flavors
Tamborines Spicy Enchilados 32 oz
Brinquitos Sweet'n Sour Powder with Chili
Pelonetes Tamarind Flavored Coated Candies
Indy Hormigas Sabor Sandia (6.36 oz)
Indy Dedos Dulce Acidulado y Picosito (8.4 oz)
Beny Locochas sabor Sandia Chile y Sal (19 oz)
Crazy Sandia (2 oz each)
Crazy Mango (2 oz each)
Pico Buzzy Salero Tamarind Flavor (5.6 oz)
Assorted Pica Powders (7 oz) - DISCONTINUED
Vero Pica Goma Cucumber Flavor (21.2 oz)
Vero Pica gomas mango
Pico Diana Mexican Candy
Lucas Baby Sweet'n Sour Mango Powder 7.1 oz
Zumba Acidin 10 pieces
Lucas Muecas Watermelon 8.8 oz
Burbu Soda 7 oz
Pelon Pelo Rico Mango
Bolitochas Mango (19.04 oz.)
Lucas Muecas Fuego Chamoy
Lucas Muecas Tamarind
Beny Locochas Sabor Fresa (19 oz)
Miguelito Chamoy Powder Mix
Miguelito Chamoy de Agua (Pulp)
Miguelito Chamoy Powder
Miguelito Powder & Chamoy (Pack of 2)
Pica Limon - Lemon and Chili Powder Packets - 7 oz
Pulpajin Pulpa de Tamarindo by Tajin - Pack of 3
Pulparindo Sabor Sandia - Watermelon Flavor by De la Rosa
Pulparindo Mango Flavor by De la Rosa
Lucas Baby Sandia Watermelon 7.1 oz
Moreliates Trocitos Tejocote
Pelon Pelo Rico Hot Intenso Tamarindo (Black Bottle)
PULPIKA Nopal Deshidratado con Chile - Cactus with Chili
Sweet and Sour Mexican Candy

Mexican candy can be extreme, that’s what drives people wild making them come back for more. Their taste buds demands more, making these candy very popular. Sweet and sour can be addicting, once you start eating those treats, you want more. It could be that the sour and sweet combination is a fiesta in your mouth. They can be mildly spicy, really spicy, really salty, really sour, really lemony and really sweet; either way people love them and want more. Companies keep coming up with different types of candy, but the Mexican candies we all enjoyed in our childhood are still the same, and they still manage to take us back to those afternoons when we got together with our neighborhood friends for a friendly game of soccer, as we ate and shared with them those same candies that our children enjoy today.

The Mexican candies we used to enjoy as children are still here today, but now we have newer variations, more heat variations, colors and flavors. brings you all the sweet, sour and spicy Mexican candies you used to have growing up so you can share them with your kids while taking a trip down memory lane and even discover new candies and flavors you haven’t eaten before. There’s tamarind flavored or sweet and sour alone, but sweet and sour are not just famous in Mexico they are popular in the U.S too, but what gives it its delicious sour flavor? It’s due to the combinations of acids, that you can buy as a liquid or powder, but can’t be reproduced at home because it needs ingredients, only manufacturers have. Why do kids love them? There’s no right or wrong answer, kids love these acidic candies that make your face pucker, and they like them because they like to compete amongst their friends to see who can withstand it the most and because of its sweet reward after the sour taste is gone. Point is kids love them. In Mexico, candies get their sour taste from the tamarind, and even though we have many brands of sour candy like in the U.S., tamarind is the base to most Mexican candy. It’s mostly combined with chile to give the candy the spicy sour flavor we all love. Mexicans like things spicy, so the majority of the candy made with chili is very hot, but we have mild candies too for those who can’t stand the heat and have to run to get a glass of water.


Pulparindo is one of Mexico’s most popular candies amongst people of all ages. This sweet treat from La Rosa has two presentations: the original pulparindo with a yellow wrapper is made with salt and chile and the heat is mild, while Pulparindo’s new flavor extra hot and salted comes in a red wrapper, as the name suggests it’s spicier than the original. Both combine the three exotic flavors we all love: sweet, spicy and sour. However Pulparindo Extra hot won’t make your mouth pucker like warheads, but its extra chile will make your tongue very hot, a flavor suited for all those chili lovers out there.

Other Mexican Candy Brands

Vero Rellerindos, Bolitochas , Vero pica gomas tamarindo, Tamborines, Indy Dedos, Pico Buzzy salero, Q’rico pica bola and Pico Buzzy Tamarind flavor candy powder, all have the sourness and sweetness of tamarind combined with chile to drive your taste buds wild, you can eat them right out of the bag or pour Pico Buzzy on your favorite candy or fruits to give them a delicious flavor. If your looking for sweet and sour candies Pica Limon salt and lime powder, Pico Limon Lemon and chili powder, Pico Limon 7 lollipops, Lucas lemon salt seasoning, and Lucas Baby Sweet and Sour Mango Powder are excellent choices, they will make your mouth pucker, and your fruit incredibly delicious. For those taste buds that like spicy, sweet and sour all together Lucas Salsaguetti, Lucas Swinkles, Balmoro chili mangos, Q’Rico chile mango, Rockaleta Bola, Rockaleta lollipops with 4 layers of chile flavors, Picochos, Pico Diana, Hola with its different flavored plums, Hola chamoy, Chipiletas Locochas, Hormigas, and crazy mango will put your tongue on fire and have you asking for more.

What makes sweet and sour Mexican candy popular and different from other candies? American candy is great but it lacks the touch of sour and spice that Mexican candy has. The majority of Mexico’s sweet and sour concoctions challenge the sensibilities of people, it is a challenge to try and withstand the different intensities of heat and the combination of sweet and sour with the spicy tangy flavor of chili powder. Do you dare take on the challenge? Take a look at MexGrocer’s wide selection of sweet and sour candy; your taste buds will be in for a pleasant surprise.


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