Miguelito Chamoy Powder - 100 ct

Miguelito Chamoy Powder
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Miguelito Chamoy Powder 100 pieces

Miguelito chamoy powder is a favorite, traditional Mexican candy among kids and adults. Miguelito Chamoy is a sweet, spicy and sour candy all at the same time, a party in your mouth. A delicious and fun candy made with a base of salt, sugar and chile. You can add Chamoy Miguelito to apples, jicama, cucumber, oranges, carrots, nectarines, peaches, mangos, strawberries, watermelon, melon, japanese style peanuts, potato chips and in whatever snack comes to your mind. Also for a delicious, fun and spicy snack, get a regular cherry lollipop lick it and stick it into a packet of Miguelito Chamoy Powder and get ready to have a delicious and spicy experience!

Ingredientssugar, iodized salt, citric acid, piquin chili powder and soy flour.


Chamoy Miguelito

El autentico chamoy en polvo, chile piquin molido acidito con azucar. Miguelitos. Sin duda Chamoy Miguelito es el dulce tradicional Mexicano favorito entre chicos y grandes. Es un delicioso y divertido dulce hecho a base de sal, azucar y chile. Agrega Chamoy Miguelito a manzanas, jicama, pepino, naranjas, zanahorias, nectarinas, duraznos, mangos, fresas, sandia, melon, cacahuates estilo japones, papas, y en cualquier botana que se te ocurra! Deja volar tu imaginacion! Tambien para una botana picosita, dulce y divertida chupa una paleta de cereza y metela dentro de un sobresito de Chamoy Miquelito y preparate para la experiencia mas picosita y diviertida!


Miguelito Chamoy Powder - 100 ct
5 Stars based on 4 Review(s)
5 Stars

Review for Miguelito Chamoy Powder

I love this product. i also really like that the powder miguelitos where really powder when i got them. idk if anyone else has noticed but Mexican powder candy doesn't travel very well it gets all clumped up. My only one complaint is that the shipping took a little longer then expected. All in all GRREAT product LOVE miguelito

5 Stars

Review for Miguelito Chamoy Powder

I was looking all over, and just with you could find them. thanks

5 Stars

Review for Miguelito Chamoy Powder

I could not find it anywhere else, thanks, I love them

5 Stars

Review for Miguelito Chamoy Powder

My first love (as far as Mexican candies go) it got me started enjoying the candies of Mexico.



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