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Mexican Chewing Gum History and Brands

Among the many things Mexico has given to the world, chewing gum is one of them. Chewing gum dates back to the ancient Mesoamerican people of Mexico, although it is unknown if the Mayans chewed gum, there is evidence that suggests that the Ancient Aztecs indeed chewed gum. The women and youngsters would chew gum to clean their teeth. Unlike the traditional gum we know today, chewing gum for the Aztecs was flavorless. The chewing gum (chicle) resin is extracted from a tree named the Zapote Blanco or ChicoZapote. It was until the 1860s that the American Thomas Adams got his idea for the traditional chewing gum we know today by Mexicoís president Santa Anna, who had gone into exile from the country and boarded with Adams on Staten Island. One day Adams was watching Santa Anna chewing gum, who mentioned that this chewing gum could make him wealthy, since it was the same gummy substance that people from his native Mexico had been extracting from the Zapote trees and chewing on for thousands of years. Santa Annaís suggestion gave Adams the idea to sweeten chewing gum and sell it flavored, an idea that made him a millionaire. Salesmen in 1882 would sell the gum by talking about the virtues and benefits of chewing gum, by proclaiming that it encouraged intense salivation to help clean teeth, while strengthening your jaws and promoting good digestion. Chewing gum became popular during the Second World War when America soldiers would chew on gum to relieve tension. It was after this that chewing gum became very popular around the world.

Chewing gum today is sold in different sizes, colors, textures and flavors. Manufacturers are always developing and creating new flavors, after all gum is so deliciously sweet and addictive that theyíre an irresistible treat for everyone. is proud to give you access to Mexicoís most popular chewing gum brands, and all at the simple click of a button. Some of the delicious and irresistible products youíll find are:

Canel's Gum

Canelís Assorted Gum Candy has 60 delicious fruity flavors including Cinnamon, Spearmint, Violet, Peppermint, Tuti-Frutti, and Blueberry. If you want more Canelís then try their Original Chewing Gum large tubs with your favorite traditional chewing gum flavors and Canelís Miniature Chewing Gum Assorted Flavors, which is a smaller version of the regular Canelís gum. It is ideal to use as a party favor to fill childrenís candy bags, for Halloween candy and is also a great pinata stuffer for birthday parties. Also try Canelís Tueni Soft Candy Fruit Chews, its similar to starburst and has the same great taste. Itís the ideal snack to take everywhere you go, to use as party favors, pinata stuffers or Halloween candy. Canelís Tueni comes in 4 delicious flavors: cherry, grape, pineapple and lemon.

Adams Bubbaloo Gum

Adams Bubbaloo Bubblegum is the most exquisite and delicious gum youíll ever try, itís a sweet concoction with a scrumptious fruity liquid filling. Savor the deliciousness of Bubbaloo with 4 of their most popular flavors: Banana, Fuego, Blueberry and Mint.

Motitas Gum

Motitas are a delicious and chewy treat that is loved by both kids and adults. Enjoy long lasting hours of flavor and making big bubbles while feeling like a kid again with Motitas. This scrumptious chewing gum candy is a perfect pinata stuffer, as well as candy bag fillers for party favors and Halloween candy. Savor their delicious fruity flavors: Banana, Grape and Fruits.

Other delicious candies youíll be sure to enjoy are Winis Fruit Chews Candy and Bubble Babies Bubble Gum.

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