Maseca Corn Masa Flour for Tamales - 4.4 lbs

Picture of Tamales - Maseca Corn Masa Flour for Tamales 4.4 lbs. - Item No. 2445
Picture of Tamales - Maseca Corn Masa Flour for Tamales 4.4 lbs. - Item No. 2445Picture of Tamales - Maseca Corn Masa Flour for Tamales 4.4 lbs. - Item No. 2445
Brand:  Maseca
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Maseca Corn Masa Flour for Tamales
Brand: Maseca
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Tamales - Maseca Corn Masa Flour for Tamales 4.4 lbs - Gluten Free - Maseca Tamalera

Instant Corn Masa flour to prepare tamale dough for making Mexican tamales. One bag of Maseca 4.4 lbs, is good for making aprox. 70 tamales of 4 oz each. (Masa harina for tamales)

Azteca Milling LP, the producer of Maseca and "Stone Ground" VGP brand Masa - Mixta, is a division of Gruma Corporation. With 50 years of experience in the production of corn masa flour. Gruma is the world's largest producer of corn masa flour.

Azteca Milling has a strategic association between the agro-industrial company: Archer Daniels Midland and their parent company, Gruma Corporation. Gruma has more than 37 registered patents for the production of corn masa flour and the production of corn and flour tortillas. Gruma's milling operation functions internationally through three large divisions; Mexico with 20 plants, Central and South America with 8 plants, and the United States with 5 plants.



6 cups Maseca Corn Masa for tamales
6 cups Chicken broth
1 cup cooking oil
2 tsp salt
1 tsp baking powder
1 1/2 large rotisserie chicken
2 cans salsa verde or tomatillo sauce
1 bag corn husks


1. Soak the corn husks in warm water until soft.
2. Blend with an electric mixer Maseca corn masa for tamales, corn oil, salt, baking powder and the chicken broth to obtain a consistent mixture.
3. Shred the chicken and marinate in the green salsa or tomatillo sauce.
Spread masa evenly over corn husks, and spread a spoonful of marinated chicken on top of the masa.
4. Fold the sides of the cornhusk to center over the masa so that they overlap to make along package.
5. Fold the empty part of the husk under so that it rests against the side of the tamale with a seam.
6. Place the tamales in tamale steamer and cook tamales for 35-40 minutes. Check every 20 minutes. The tamales are cooked when they separate easily from the corn husk.

Video How to Make Tamales with MASECA

Maseca Harina de Maiz para Tamales - 2 Kilos - Libre de Gluten

Harina de maiz para preparar tamales de Maseca. Una bolsa de 2 kilos de Maseca, sirve para hacer aprox. 70 tamales de 120g (4 oz) cada uno.

Maseca Comercial Video



6 tazas de Maseca, harina de maíz para tamales
6 tazas de caldo de pollo
1 taza de aceite de maíz
2 cucharaditas de sal
1 1/2 cdtas de polvo para hornear
2 Pollos rostizados grandes
2 latas de salsa verde o tomatillo molido (14 oz)
1 bolsa de hojas de maíz para tamales (8 oz)


Ponga a remojar las hojas de maíz en agua caliente hasta que queden suaves.
Mezcle con una batidora eléctrica: Maseca (harina de maiz para tamales), aceite, sal, polvo de hornear y el caldo de pollo hasta formar una masa consistente y uniforme.
Desmenuce el pollo y póngalo a marinar en la salsa verde.
Tome la hoja de maíz, unte la masa y unte una cucharada de pollo marinado sobre la masa.
Doble al centro los lados y uno de los extremos de la hoja de maíz, envolviendo la masa y carne.
Coloque los tamales parados sobre la base del extremo doblado en una vaporera y cocine durante 35 a 40 minutos. Chequelos cada 20 minutos.
El tamal está cocido cuando se despega de la hoja de maíz fácilmente.

Rinde aprox. 25 tamales.

Video Tamales Mexicanos de Maseca ¡Sin manteca! Recetas Saludables de Laura Muller

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