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Mexican Candy, Pinatas & Party Snacks

Candies are vital for all Mexican celebrations, especially birthday and holiday parties (Posadas). It is customary to use Pinatas in birthday, posadas and Cinco de Mayo parties. Pinatas are containers usually made from papier-mâché, and are decorated. Modern Pinatas are commonly shaped to resemble popular tv, movie and cartoon characters. These creative containers are then stuffed with candies and hung for kids to break them and unravel the delicious goodies inside.

Whether you’re throwing an authentic fiesta or a killer party with or without pinatas, these delicious Mexican candies and snacks will fascinate your guests and kids.

Give your little ones a sweet and unforgettable surprise they are sure to enjoy with’s authentic Mexican candy products and pinata stuffers.

Pinata Stuffers

We have delicious Pinata Stuffers from Mexico’s most popular candy brands: Beny Pinata Mix has over 5 pounds of candies, with different types of sweets and flavors from the popular Beny brand. Ricolino Rico Fiesta Pinata Mix Bag is a delicious assortment of lollipops and chocolate wafer candies from Ricolino. De La Rosa Pinata Mix has 4 pounds of De La Rosa’s popular candy brands: milk caramel butter n’ cream, pineapple candy, strawberry candy, Pulparindo and more. Mini Pinata Surprise is a small bag with assorted gum and lollipop candies, ideal for smaller pinatas. Ricolino Fun Package for Pinatas is a delicious candy mix with chocolate, hard candies, lollipops and gummies from Ricolino’s famous brands: Bubulubu, Kranky, Chocoretas, Pecositas, Gomitas Panditas and Cajeta Lollipops. Anahuac Pinata Mix Buzzy has about 500 candies; it’s a sweet assortment of sugar and salty powders, hard candy, bubble gum and lollipops. Canel’s Rainbow Mix is a scrumptious candy & gum mix with over 10 different types of Canel’s candy: gum, lollipops, chewy and hard candies.

If you want to hand out delicious sweets and snacks at your parties instead, or give them away in party bags check the following candy brands: Mazapan (Marzipan) Peanut Candy, Limon 7 Salt & Lime powder, Carlos V Milk Chocolate Bars, Pica Limon Lemon and Chili Powder packets, De La Rosa and Manzela Japanese Peanuts, Sonrics Rocaleta Bola chewy tamarind candies, Duritos Wheels Wheat Snacks by Corona Real, Laposse Napolitan Hard Candy with Raisins, El Campesino and Doraditos Super 30 Churritos (Corn Sticks), De La Rosa Original and Extra Giant Marshmallows, Aldama Obleas (milk caramel sandwich wafers), Coconut and Guava Rolls, Motitas Fruit Gum, Serpentinas by Dulces Moreliates (quince apple spirals), Duvalin Hazelnut, Chocolate, Vanilla and Strawberry candy creams, Laposse Butter Rum Caramels, Crayon candy, Picochos chili candy powder, Mini Takis Fuego Rolled Tortilla Snacks, PicoTeens mango candy with a tamarind and chili filling, Abuelita Marqueta chocolate, Laposse Assorted Hard Candies, Winis Caramel Fruit Chews, Borrachitos chewy milk caramel candy and much more.

Mexican Candy Kits

Also try our Gift Packages for excellent gift ideas for your parties and pinata stuffers.

Mexican Candy Gift Pack has over 142 pieces of Mexican treats for all candy lovers. Indulge your sweet tooth with Mexico’s beloved brands: De La Rosa Rosa Mazapan, Duvalin, Pelon Pelo Rico, Carlos V chocolate bars, Risandias and Motitas.

La Dulceria – Mexican Candy Lovers Package is a gift pack that kids of all ages will adore. This package includes: Duvalin chocolate-vanilla-hazelnut creams, Pelon Pelo Rico, Coconut Rolls, De la Rosa Mazapan and other delicious sweets.

Pinata & Candy Fiesta Package is the perfect kit to prepare an authentic fiesta for your children. It comes with a wonderful pinata figure and candies for you to stuff your pinata with: Duvalin chocolate-vanilla creams, Pelon Pelo Rico, De La Rosa Mazapan, Coconut Rolls and more.

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