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Pico Pica Hot Sauce

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Pico Pica is currently distributed by Juanita’s Foods, but has been in production since 1937. Juanita’s foods bought Pico Pica sauce brand in 1977. Pico Pica is one of the original bottled Mexican hot sauces in Southern California.

Pico Pica hot sauce is made with fresh pureed red chile peppers, tomatoes and spices, producing an authentic Mexican flavor. Its brilliant peppery taste and lack of vinegar is a perfect complement for tacos, soups, meat, tostadas, quesadillas, fish or to add a little "zing" to any dish.

Pico Pica sauce besides Red hot sauce, also offers Green taco sauce and delicious Real Mexican style Menudo. For those who really like it hot, Pico Pica offers Hot & Spicy Menudo: which is prepared with the same quality ingredients as the regular, but is packed with more zest of chiles and spices. Canned menudo offers versatility since it comes ready to eat; all you have to do is heat and enjoy. If made from scratch Menudo can take up to 8 hours to prepare, but with Pico Pica Menudo, you can have tender beef hominy combined in a delicious chile broth in seconds. Menudo is a delicious stew that is appropriate to serve any time of the day, cold days, holidays, special or festive occasions and just when ever you crave for it. Being in the can, Menudo lasts longer and its a product your pantry can’t be without.

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