Dulces Indy

Dulces Indy is a producer of hot and spicy candies situated in Santa Catarina, Nuevo Leon, Mexico. The brand is notoriously known for its famous logo of Indy Coyote, which is a animated coyote dressed in cowboy gear.

Some of Dulces Indy’s most famous candy products include: Dedos & Mini dedos who get their name from the word ‘fingers’ since these deliciously spicy and tamarind flavored candies can be eaten with your fingers. Dartanans are an exquisite sweet and soft paste that is sour and spicy and comes in different flavors. Marimbas are cherry flavored lollipops that are coated in a mouthwatering spicy paste. Hormiguitas get their unique name since they resemble fire ants, they are small watermelon flavored candies that are sprinkled with chili powder. Cerillos also have a fun shape from which they get their unique name which is translated to Matches, they’re delicious watermelon flavored lollipops covered in a tangy tamarind paste. Antorchas are similar to Cerillos, they are cherry flavored lollipops covered in a sweet, sour and spicy paste. And lastly Tiwi’s is a guava flavored paste that is sprinkled with a succulent tangy and sweet powder.

You can find these and other delicious candies from Dulces Indy.

Learn more about Dulces Indy at DulcesIndy.com.mx


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