Embasa Jalapenos - Jalapeños, Salsa & Chipotle

Embasa Jalapenos - Jalapeños, Salsa & ChipotleFor more information about Embasa Mexican food products, please visit their website at Hormelfoods.com - Embasa. You may also be insterested in La Victoria Salsa which is a sister company to Embasa.

Buy all your Embasa jalapenos - jalapeños, chipotle peppers, serranos, salsa mexicana, salsa verde, green chiles and nopalitos Mexican food products here:

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Embasa has been striving to create the innovative and delicious flavors of Mexico and have been bringing them into American homes since 1963. Embasa has just the right items for you so you can spice up your plate, whether you’re looking to add the delicious smoky Chipotle pepper flavor to your dips, recipes and barbecue sauces or just need any of the several Mexican peppers for your salsas or recipes. When it comes to delivering the true textures and flavors of Mexican Salsas, Embasa’s salsas are second to none as a spicy addition to your favorite meals and snacks.

Capture that true South of the Border taste and rely on a rich heritage of fresh flavors with Embasa. Create amazing and delicious dishes that will be appreciated by your friends, family and everyone gathering around your table with any of Embasa’s products.

Embasa and its sister La Victoria, are products that strive to satisfy Mexican food preferences. They are both brands with strong positions in the Southwest and West of the United States, particularly in California.

Embasa products are The Authentic Mexican Flavor! Embasa products include: Salsa Casera, Salsa Mexicana, Salsa Verde (green salsa), Whole Jalapenos, Sliced Jalapenos, Nacho Sliced Jalapenos, Whole Green Chiles, Chipotle Peppers, Guerito Peppers, Diced Green Chiles, Carrots, and Whole Green Tomatillos. All are available here at MexGrocer.com.

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