La Tortilla Oven - Fabric Tortilla Warmers

We guarantee that our Tortilla Ovens will keep tortillas fresh, soft and warm for over 1 hour!

La Tortilla Oven is a brand name for fabric tortilla warmers. Whether consumers microwave their tortillas or use a traditional stove, grill or comal.

La Tortilla Oven warmers are:

-100% microwave safe
-Designed to reduce the occurrence of wet, soggy, sticky tortillas
-Engineered to prevent tortillas from quickly becoming cold, hard and stale
-Easy to clean and store

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La Tortilla Oven is a company that specializes on tortilla related products such as Tortilla warmers and recipe books. They are situated in the city of Pasadena, California against the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains and five minutes away from the Rose Bowl. They have fulfillment centers diversely located in the United Kingdom, Canada and the United States.

La Tortilla Oven has pioneered in the design of the fabric tortilla warmer since 2005. It established its own brand “The Tortilla Oven” as well as its slogan “Guaranteed to keep tortillas fresh and warm for over 1 hour!” Even though there is no such thing as Tortilla Oven, the company introduced their brand name with the idea of providing its customers with a simple working product at an affordable price. La Tortilla Oven is a minority certified owned company and leading provider of the insulated fabric Tortilla & Pancake warmer to Convenient, Boutiques, Grocery and Souvenir stores nationwide.

With the use of a Tortilla Oven, cold, hard and stale tortillas are a thing of the past as they will stay warm for over an hour. Trying to keep tortillas fresh and warm is a difficult task, especially when heated in a microwave. The use of a Tortilla Oven will prevent your tortillas from becoming soggy, sticky or wet as they would in a traditional warmer.

Tortilla warmers were originally designed to warm just tortillas but they are diverse and can be used to keep products such as pita bread, pupusas, pancakes, bagels, dinner rolls, waffles, cookies, potatoes, sandwiches, quesadillas and other bread-like products fresh and warm. The warmers are designed with families in mind, so they can enjoy dinnertime, lunch time or anytime without the hassle of having to get up from the table to heat or reheat the tortillas. When crumbs start to build up in the oven, it's time to wash it.

For more information on the Tortilla Oven, Please visit their website at: La Tortilla Oven and La Tortilla Oven on YouTube.

Tortillero de Tela Termico marca La Tortilla Oven - 25 cms

Las tortillas se mantendrán frescas, suaves y calientitas por más de una hora.

Caliente sus tortillas poniéndolas dentro del tortillero térmico y después en su horno de microondas. También puede poner directamente en el tortillero térmico las tortillas recién calentadas del comal o parrilla de la estufa. Las tortillas se mantendrán calientes durante todo el tiempo que dure su desayuno, comida o cena.

El tiempo necesario para calentar las tortillas en el tortillero de tela termico varía según sean tortillas de maíz o tortillas de harina. Si son tortillas de maíz por cada 6 tortillas póngalas en el microondas por aproximadamente 1 minuto 30 segundos y si son tortillas de harina el tiempo es menor, por cada 6 tortillas de harina caliéntelas en el microondas un minuto.


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