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La Mexicana Cookware - Utensilios de Cocina

 La Mexicana Cookware Mexican Cookware - Utensilios de Cocina

La Mexicana Cookware - Utensilios de Cocina

Tortilla Press Cast Iron / Tortilladora by La Mexicana
Molcajete (Mortar and Pestle)
Molcajete de Piedra Negra / Black Lava Stone Mortar & Pestle Molcajete
Tejolote - Piedra de Molcajete / Molcajete Pestle
Metate y Mano (Mortar and Ground Stone)
Tortillero de Mimbre Pirograbado / Burned Wicker Tortilla Warmer
Tortillero Tejido de Mimbre / Wicker Tortilla Warmer
Tortillero de Mimbre Pintado / Painted Wicker Tortilla Warmer
Tortillero de Palma chico / Small PalmTortilla Warmer Basket
Canasto de Palma de Colores / Palm Tortilla Warmer Basket
Tortilla Press Pine Wood - Tortilladora Madera Pino by La Mexicana
Cazuela de Barro sin Plomo - Lead Free Clay Casserole
Tortilladora / Roller Tortilla Press - Restaurant Model
Olla de Barro Frijolera sin Plomo / Lead Free Clay Bean Pot with lid Large
Tortilla Press - Tortilladora de Madera Barnizada / Mezquite Tortilla Press
Botellon con vaso - barro sin plomo / Terracota Water Jug - Lead Free
Aguas Frescas Vitrolero de plastico / Plastic Water container
Comal - Oval Skillet - Metal Griddle Plate
Comal de fierro Redondo #1 / Round Skillet Comal #1 Metal Plate Griddle
Comal de fierro Redondo #2 / Round Skillet Comal #2 Metal Plate Griddle
Comal de Fierro Redondo#3 / Round Skillet Comal #3 - Metal Plate Griddle
Aluminum Orange Squeezer - Exprimidor de Naranja Manual
Key Lime Squeezer - Exprimidor de Limon - Aluminum
Mexican Lime Squeezer - Exprimidor de Lima - Aluminum Small Lemon Squeezer
Molinillo de Madera para Chocolate / Chocolate Stirrer
Rodillo de Madera Grande / Wooden Rolling Pin
Cuchara de Madera Grande #3 / Wooden Spoon Large #3
Cuchara de Madera Mediana #2 / Wooden Spoon Medium #2
Brush Escobeta de Raiz / Root Brush
Pala de Madera / Wood Spatula Spoon Paddle for Cooking
Raspador de Hielo para Raspados / Metalic Block Ice Shaver
Masher - Machacador - Bean / Potato Masher by La Mexicana
Enamel Cookware - Cuchara de Peltre Grande #36 / Enamel Spoon
Cinsa Enamel Cookware - Cuchara de Peltre Mediana #30 / Enamel Spoon
Enamel Cookware by CINSA - Cuchara de Peltre Chica #21 / Enamel Spoon #21
Enamel Cookware - Vaso Recto Peltre #10 / Enamel Cup #10 by CINSA
Enamel Ware - Cacerola Peltre Honda #14 / Enamel Saucepan #14
Molcajete Plastico Chico / Salsa Bowls - Small Molcajete - 3 units
Lavadero de Lamina - Grande / Washboard Large
Corn Mill - Molino de Granos de Maiz modelo No. 500
Sarape Mexico Grande - Large Colorful Mexican Blanket
Sombrero Zapata - Large Hat Mexican Sombrero
Loteria Mexicana 10 tablas - Mexican Bingo Game - 10 playing cards
Juego de Loteria Gigante
Matraca Madera Mediana/Medium de La Mexicana
5 Gal Water Dispenser Pump Easy-to-Use & Portable
Memoria de loteria chica
6 Juegos en 1 Juego para Ninos
4 en 1 juegos para ninos
Loteria professional en caja 10 tablas
Loteria Mexicana con 20 tablas
Jarritos de Barro - Cantaritos Para Bebida (Pack of 6)
Cactus Peeler (Pelador de Nopales)
Potato Peeler - Pelapapas
Can Opener - Abrelatas
Wood Cutting Board (Tabla de Madera)
Huarache Press - Cast Iron
Fiesta Decorative Plastic Banner - Papel Picado de Plastico
Steinless Steel Skimmer - Desnatadora de Metal
Tortilla Press - Hard Plastic
Enamel Coffee Pot - Cafetera Peltre by Cinsa
Maracas Tricolor Grande / Large Tri-Color Maracas
Matraca Gigante (Jumbo Size)
Pirinola Toma Todo Chico
Molcajete Stone Mortar with Pig head
Giant Wooden Pozole Spoon
Plastic Ladle Scoop for Vitrolero
Mexican Puppet (Titere)
Mexican Spa Natural Loofah Sponge
Mexican Beer Bucket
Mexican Gallero Hat Sombrero
Matraca Madera Chica / Small
Olla de Barro Bola #3 - Sin Plomo / Lead Free Clay Bean Pot #3
Mexican Ceramic Pitcher Lead Free
Sandy Decorated Clay Mug - Jarrito Ponche - Assorted Colors
Round Corn Mezquite Tortilla Press - Tortilladora Barnizada Redonda
Cucharon - Stainless Steel Ladle by La Mexicana
Cazuela Bowl Salsera Engobe
Vitrolero de Plastico con Llave - Water Jug with Faucet
La Mexicana is a recognized brand name for authentic Mexican cookware and other cooking utensils imported from Mexico. Since 1984 La Mexicana brand started supplying traditional Mexican house wares to stores and distributors in the northern region of Mexico, where they focus first their attention.

In 1996, after consolidating the company in Mexico, J & F Wholesale Inc. was officially incorporated in the state of California with the purpose of importing and distributing traditional nostalgia authentic Mexican cookware products to the United States. Today La Mexicana warehouse space is over 45,000 sq ft (in California and Mexico), La Mexicana brand supplies Mexican cooking utensils to the US and Mexican supermarkets through a distributor network.

La Mexicana is a registered company with the United States Customs Agency, and maintains an active imported identification number as well as an import bond. All their Mexican cookware products meet FDA requirements.

La Mexicana carry over 400 traditional Mexican cookware products, and their motto is: “If they don’t carry the Mexican cookware product you are looking for, they will get it for you.”

J & F Whole Sale started doing business as “La Mexicana” in 1984 and since then has been dedicated to distributing house ware to stores and retailers in Mexico and the U.S. The company offers a wide selection of traditional Mexican kitchenware, toys, cleaning supplies, groceries, candy, children’s clothing and recipes through its popular website. J & F is based in San Diego, California from where they distribute their items all throughout the country.

La Mexicana is a reliable source and a well recognized brand that specializes on Authentic Hispanic Products, bringing 25 years of experience in the Mexican Market with a complete line of high demanded Hispanic and Mexican products.

The company’s goal is to bring your childhood memories from Mexico right to your home, with traditional kitchenware such as clay jugs, pots and casseroles, tortilla presses, molcajetes, molinillos and classic children’s games such as loteria, British and Chinese checkers and the popular balero, pirinola and trompo toys.


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