Tejolote - Piedra de Molcajete / Molcajete Pestle - 1 unit

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Tejolote - Piedra de Molcajete / Molcajete Pestle
Brand: MexGrocer
Molcajete de Piedra Negra / Black Lava Stone Mortar & Pestle Molcajete
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Tejolote - Piedra de Molcajete / Molcajete Pestle - Mano de Molcajete

Need a replacement Tejolote? Your molcajetes don't need to be neglected because you don't have a tejolote (pestle). MexGrocer.com comes to your rescue with high quality hand stone pestles to complement your molcajetes.

Tejolote pronounced [the-hoh-LOH-the] also known as temolote o telmalchin, is the matching hand-held grinding tool also made of the same volcanic rock or basalt material than the Molcajete. Tejolote or Texolotl derives from the Nahuatl Tetl (Stone) y Xocotl (Grind or pulverize); It's a heavy, oval shaped rock used to grind and pulverize peppers, onions, tomatoes and spices into thick purees and salsas in a molcajete. The Ancient Aztecs made their molcajetes out of ceramic instead of stone, and used to grind grains, herbs, and other food substances as well as medicines.

Tejolote - Piedra de Molcajete / Mano de Molcajete

Necesitas un reemplazo para tu tejolote? No necesitas ignorar o dejar de lado a tu molcajete solo porque no tienes un tejolote. MexGrocer.com viene a tu rescate con tejolotes de alta calidad para complementar tu molcajete.

El Tejolote, tambien conocido como temolote o telmalchin, es la herramienta que acompana al molcajete y que esta hecha de la misma piedra volcanica o de basalto que el molcajete. Tejolote or Texolotl deriva del Nahuatl Tetl (Piedra) y Xocotl (Moler o Pulverizar); Es una piedra pesada, en forma ovalada usada para moler y pulverizar chiles, cebollas, tomates y especias en pures espesos y salsas en el molcajete. Los Aztecas hacian sus molcajetes de ceramica en lugar de piedra, y solian moler granos, hierbas, y otras substancias alimenticias asi como medicinas.

Product Reviews
Tejolote - Piedra de Molcajete / Molcajete Pestle - 1 unit
5 Stars based on 4 Review(s)
Denver, CO
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Great tejolote replacement
December 17, 2014

The size of the piedra is pretty large for smaller hands but just right for gripping with your whole hand using different leverage. I replaced a smaller rock that was hard on the fingers but this one allows you to grip with the whole palm of your hand. The weight is also perfect for grinding the spices thoroughly and more quickly. I found that I didn't have to pound the molcajete as hard to get the same results. I recommend it if you're having to do a lot of comino and ajo for tamales or for larger portions of arroz!

Rosita Quintania
5 Stars

Review for Tejolote - Piedra de Molcajete / Molcajete Pestle
October 28, 2011

i really love this item. grabs better and easier to use.

Gary Treven
5 Stars

Review for Tejolote - Piedra de Molcajete / Molcajete Pestle
January 19, 2011

great product, great service

Peter Urdiales
5 Stars

Review for Tejolote - Piedra de Molcajete / Molcajete Pestle
May 20, 2010

Fast delivery and arrived in excellent condition! Gracias Peter


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