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Knorr believes in healthy nutrition and the pleasure it can bring to our lives. Everyday meals can be made just as magical and delicious as those whipped up during special occasions. This conviction is what lies underneath their long lasting success and why it is Unilever’s #1 brand.

Their passion for healthy and quality food goes all the way back to Knorr’s earliest days. The business was founded in 1838 when its founder Carl Heinrich Knorr began experimenting with dry seasonings and vegetables with the objective to preserve their flavor and nutritional value. Ever since, Knorr has become a worldly acclaimed brand offering a vast selection of seasonings, dressings, bouillons, soups, soupy snacks, sauces, frozen and ready-made foods.

The great taste and versatile flavors of Knorr is due to the Chefs behind the brand, their culinary skills bring quality and nutritional foods and seasonings that consumers can enjoy everyday. The brand incorporates global cuisine into the creation of their food, by importing new ideas from overseas that enhance the flavor and texture of Knorr’s unique products. Their original factory in Heibronn has a dedicated group of international chefs that constantly work to contribute to the flavor and innovation of Knorr.

They encourage a healthier lifestyle through the consumption of their products, most importantly their soups. Did you know that eating soup lowers body mass, fat and energy intake, as well as improves cholesterol? There is no better way to enjoy a meal then with Knorr, that offers value, health and quality you can be proud of.

Knorr products are sold all over the world including North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

The corporate image and logo of the brand includes the original signature of its founder Carl Heinrich Knorr.

Learn more about Knorr Soups & Bouillon products, visit Knorr website.

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