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Lucas Mexican Candy

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In the city of Monterrey, Nuevo Leon during the year of 1986 two brothers named Hugo and Alejandro Martinez began producing a candy that was made from the pulp of the Tamarind fruit and was called “Rico Pelo Loco”. This new product became such a sensation in Mexico, that the Martinez brothers found themselves producing over 200,000 monthly units, which led them to create a company called Alitec.

A year later, after creating a new image for the company and new concepts for the products they produced came the birth of Alimentos Matre S.A. de C.V. and with it the now widely popular “Lucas” brand. Lucas was the name they gave to their most famous and representative product for years: “Lucas Acidito” a delicious lemon flavored chili powder that became a huge stepping stone for the growth of the company.

Through the years Lucas became a brand with a mission to give consumers high quality and innovative candy products, with creative presentations and packaging. Which lead them to create products that had never been seen in the industry before; it became an iconic brand for spicy candy.

1999 marked the birth of Luca’s most revolutionary product “Skwinkles” which are thin spaghetti like strips with fruit flavors that come with a succulent sweet and sour chili sauce. It became a leading product in the Mexican candy market which gave way to new creations under the “sweet and spicy spaghetti strips” category.

The company’s biggest accomplishment occurred in 2001 when their products became widely known and sold in other continental markets such as North America, Europe, Asia and South America. This called the attention of a company called Grupo Mars Inc who went on to acquire the Lucas brand. This gave them a chance to expand and grow with their already famous brand.

Today the company is known as Mars and has been distributing their signature products Lucas (chili powders and tamarind flavored soft & liquid candy), Salsagheti and Skwinkles with great success, by implementing high quality and efficient techniques to the manufacturing and distribution of their products.

For more information about Lucas visit: or call:

Telephone USA: 1-866-58-LUCAS Telephone MX: 01 800 112 LUCAS

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