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Jumex is a very popular brand of juice and nectar in Mexico, as well as with Hispanic consumers in the United States. Jumex is a 100% Mexican company with great values and traditions Grupo Jumex (Jumex Group) was founded on April 27th, 1961, as Empacadora de frutas y jugos (Fruit and Juice Packing, Inc.). Back then the company only had 20 employees, and the company focused on extracting juices and developing nectars with the best fruit production in the country. That same year on the 6th of July, 1961 Jumex released its first production: a 350 ml can of apple juice with no litography and just a label with the Frugo brand on it, and sold to the public for $1.65. Other fruits started being packed after that. Three years later in 1964, came the little blue can in its 350ml presentation, now trademarked under the Jumex name. It can be said that ever since that moment, Jumex has became recognized as the best company of Juices and nectars in Mexico as it earned the trust of consumers from its beginnings. A year later in 1965 production was in high demand, and the Jumex Company had grown a lot. So the Jumex plants that were located in the Aragon neighborhood moved to the Xalostoc neighborhood, with the newest technology available at the time.

With the newest technology at the time, Jumex was a cutting-edge technology company in the 70s. The Botemex project began with the launching of the Vigor can in 1973; the 350ml can similar to the Jumex can, only with red lithography was a new product directed at children.

1974 was the year that marked a major technological breakthrough in the preservation of perishable products; the plant acquired an evaporating machine. The function of the machine was to produce juice concentrate to be packed in containers for storage. It contributed greatly to later strides in packing technology, making Jumex an innovator in the process of electric sealing with copper.

New machinery whose function was to package 165ml cans, was acquired in 1978; Followed by a new presentation launched under the Jumex brand. Jugomex opened a new production plant a year later in 1979, located in Tulpletac, Estado de Mexico.

Jumex started its first imports in the 1980’s as well as its innovations. It was in 1982, twenty one years after being founded that Jumex gave a huge step by importing its products, into the United States in the canned nectar format. During those days Jumex, already had important distribution centers in strategic zones in the states of Mexico, which covered the most remote territories in the country.

Jumex Group released a new product into the market: the new 1-liter glass bottle in 1984 and in 1986 two years later, released the new 250ml bottle. Both bottle sizes debuted with the same flavors: Orange, apple, grape, and grapefruit, independently from tomato concentrate.

1985 was the birth of the 250ml Chupi Frut a product directed at children and manufactured with an innovative process. That same year the Aseptic Production Plant was built. The success of the Chupi Frut, gave rise to the production of new products for children and the adolescent, like Bida in 1987 and Ami in 1988 both in 250ml cans.

Exports to the United States were consistent and on the rise in 1987, Jumex was positioned in the Mexican market with the slogan “Jumex Excelencia en Calidad” which is still remains today.

Pau-Pau a new children’s beverage was introduced in a plastic (250ml) pack in 1989 and still remains as popular as it was back then.

In 1990 a singular drink made with chocolate-tasting milk was launched named Chocoloco after the acquisition of state-of-the-art technology for aseptic packaging. That same year the Jumex 1-liter tetra brik presentation as introduced and It can still be found in most Mexican homes. Other children’s favorite that still remains is the Jumex 200ml minibrik launched in 1991. By 1992 the Master Distribution center along with several distribution centers throughout Mexico were built, covering more regions of the country. The Ami 500ml plastic presentation was launched that same year.

The Jumex 130ml debuts in stores in 1995, and in 1996 Jumes most innovative product the Jumex Light in 300ml cans was rolled out. It is low in calories, with a unique taste and sweetened with Splenda.

In their respective categories Chupy Jelly, Chirris in 200ml plastic presentations, and Frutastica in 280ml cans, which its fun curvy shape earned it the pack Innovation award, were launched in 1997.

Jumex first isotonic drink: Vigo Sport, in a 350ml presentation was created in 1998. The first energy drink in cans with the name of Ecstasy was launched the following year in 1999.

The productions of sweeteners (Sugar syrup) were started with cutting-edge technology in the Juicer Plant (Planta Juguera) in 2000. A year later in 2001, the plant produced the “Oromizado” or “Frugomizado” (concentrate for juices and nectars). Jumex Mexicali started its operations in 2000. Today the plant has several production lines and has released two new products: Jumex 8 vegetables and Jumex 8, both in 280ml cans. Also in 2001 Mi Desayuno a fruit milkshake enriched with milk protein, cereals, minerals and vitamins in a 250ml carton was released.

Bida 200ml carton and Jumex Sport: a rehydrating drink targeted for athletes in 473ml and 600ml presentations where launched in 2002. Later that year, a new product made its way onto shelves: Unifresco in both 250ml carton packs and 1-liter presentation. The premise of this new product and what made it a one kind of a product in Mexico, is the use of state-of-the-art technology to get 100% orange fruit the fruit, and retain all of its nutritional properties. By the end of 2002, Chispazo: a drink made with a fun combination of fruits and vegetables, was released in 250ml carton packs and 473ml glass bottles.

In 2003 a carbonated energy drink called MC2 was created by Jumex in 280ml cans, in addition to another presentation for Bida, 1-liter cartons. Julight: Calorie-free, low-sodium flavored water was launched in 2004, and the 2-liter plastic packs of Ami and of Jumex in 2-liter carton packs were introduced.

2005 was the year when a new refreshing beverage for children with a new 200ml plastic pack with the name Nautix was launched, along with the Ami’s new 1-liter plastic presentations. Jumex Soia in 200ml and 1-liter carton presentations is released in 2007, adding Jumex into the Soy drinks category. That same year Jumex Group introduced the Bottle-can (Latabotella) in Mexico, changing the history of packaging. Bottle-can is a unique concept in Mexico that combines the strength of a can with the convenience of a bottle, available in both 500ml and 1-liter sizes.

Furthermore Jumex Group is introduced into the category of fortified juices and nectars creating Jumex more Calcium and fiber, in 2-liter bottle-can presentation. That same year, Jumex also releases Jumato, a clam and tomato cocktail in a 1.2-liter bottle-can presentation.

In 2008, A processing plant built between 2006 and 2008 is opened in El Salvador. The plant is located in an industrial zone in the town of Nejapa, on the northern outskirts of San Salvador.

In 2011 Jumex celebrates 50 years of providing the best juices and nectars, by sharing the flavor and nutrition with Mexican families. The current company associated with Jumex and other popular beverage brands is the Jumex Group, which consists of Frugosa, Botemex, Jugomex, Alijumex, Vilore Services Corp., Vilore Services, and Vilore Foods, Inc. (U.S.) Jumex is associated with the Mexican foods company La Costeña. Jumex products includes: Bida, Pau Pau, Ami, Sport, light, Chispazo, Jumato, 8 jugo de verduras, Jumex mas, Soia, Jugos y Nectares, UnicoFresco, Vigor, Super Frutas y Ediciones especiales.

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