Juanita's Menudo, Pozole, Hominy & Chicken Mole Sauce

Juanita's Menudo, Pozole, Hominy & Chicken Mole Sauce

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Juanita’s Mexican food products was born in 1946 under the leadership and guidance of George De La Torre Jr (owner of Juanita’s foods) and his nephew Alberto Guerrero whose original company name was “Habor Canning Company”. They started out manufacturing Menudo (a popular Mexican stew) and packed fish primarily for sport fishermen. Soon after the company began producing other Mexican products and began specializing primarily on Menudo, this lead to the rise of their popularity making them the world’s largest manufacturer of Menudo.

Today De La Torre’s son Goerge de La Torre jr. and his grandson Mark de La Torre have taken over the family business as owner and chief executive officer for the Juanita’s Foods company. They are proud to continue their family’s legacy and follow the principles of its original owner George De La Torre who dedicated and committed himself to the company, by offering customer’s quality, convenience and innovation.

George de La Torre Jr. is dedicated to bringing customers a delicious product they can rely on while offering them high quality and authenticity. Besides producing canned and frozen Mexican food, Juanita’s foods have also been expanding their company by acquiring the Pico Pica Sauce brand in 1977. Though the company did specialize in their trademark product “Menudo” until 1984 when they built a new plant and began canning the spicy Mexican stew, as well as other traditional soups and stews. This made Juanita’s Foods the first company to introduce Mexican-style hominy, which helped increase the popularity of the brand.

It wasn’t until 1986 that the company changed their company’s name from “Harbor Canning” to their world famous “Juanita’s Foods” name, and with it came the design of their popular corporate image of a Mexican lady, which became the company’s symbol for authentic and ready to serve home cooked Mexican meals.

Juanita’s Foods continues manufacturing their traditional products and Pico Pica brands with the addition of new and innovative products, with the sole premise of bringing authentic Mexican meals to every household table. They are known today for their canned products such as chicken, pork, meatball and pozole soups, Mexican-Style Hominy, chicken mole, hot sauces and traditional vegetable, beef and pork stews. They are products that have allowed them to become a leader in the Mexican food industry.

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