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Mexican Food Cookbooks in English

You can find these and other wonderful recipes books at Also visit our Mexican Cookbooks in Spanish section.

Mexican Food Cookbooks in English

Fresh Mexico: 100 Simple Recipes for True Mexican Flavor
The Southwest Table Traditional Cuisine from Texas, NM & AZ
The Complete Chile Pepper Book by Dave Dewitt
Cuisines of the Southwest by Dave DeWitt
Amor y Tacos by Deborah Schneider
Cooking with the Seasons at Rancho La Puerta by Deborah Schneider
¡Baja! Cooking on the Edge by Deborah Schneider
The Mexican Slow Cooker by Deborah Schneider
Mexican Culinary Treasures: Recipes From Maria Elena's Kitchen
The Food and Life of Oaxaca by Zarela Martinez
Authentic Mexican Cookbook by Rick Bayless with Deann Groen Bayless
Prickly Pear Cactus Medicine Book (Treatments for Diabetes, Cholesterol, and the Immune System)
Tortilla Lovers Cook Book by Bruce and Bobbi Fischer
Cooking with Baja Magic Dos by Ann Hazard
Mexican Food Video - Some Like It Hot: Cuisines of Chili Climates with Rick Bayless DVD
Frida's Fiestas by Guadalupe Rivera and Marie-Pierre Colle
Vegi-Mex by Shayne and Lee Fischer
Veggie Lovers Cook Book by Chef Morty Star
Low Fat Mexican Recipes by Shayne and Lee Fischer
Mesa Mexicana by Mary Sue Milliken and Susan Feniger
Celia's Mexican Salsas & Appetizers Recipe Booklet & DVD
Celia's Traditional Mexican Home Cooking: Tamales
The Book of Mexican Foods by Christine Barrett
The Border Cookbook by Cheryl Alters Jamison and Bill Jamison
My Mexico by Diana Kennedy
Tamales Cookbook by Mark Miller, Stephan Pyles, and John Sedlar
Beginning With Chiles by Mary Lou Creechan and Jim Creechan
Beans - Bean Lovers Cook Book by Shayne K. Fischer
Wholly Frijoles: The Whole Bean Cookbook
Chip and Dip Lovers Cook Book by Susan K. Bollin
California Cook Book (Cooking Across America Cookbook Collections)
Mexican Family Favorites Cook Book (Cookbooks and Restaurant Guides)
Burrito Lovers Mexican CookBook
Jim Peyton's New Cooking From Old Mexico by Jim Peyton
Rick Bayless Mexican Cookbook - Mexican Kitchen by Rick Bayless
The Essential Cuisines of Mexico by Diana Kennedy
Chili-Lovers Cook Book by Al and Mildred Fischer
Salsa Lovers Cook Book by Susan K. Bollin
Take This Chile and Stuff It! by Karen Graber
Mexican Recipes - Quick-n-Easy Mexican Recipes by Susan Bollin
The Tequila Cook Book by Lynn Nusom
1,000 Mexican Recipes by Marge Poore
Mexican Cooking For Dumies by Feniger and Milliken
The Best of Mexico by Evie Righter
Salsas That Cook by Rick Bayless
The Bear and the Porcupine by Jeffrey Davidow
Mexican Desserts and Drinks by Socorro Munoz Kimble and Irma Serrano Noriega
Hispanic Marketing - How to Win The Hispanic Gold Rush by Francisco J. Valle
Cuisines of the World: Mexico by Julia Fernandez
California Country Cook Book
Western Breakfast and Brunch Recipes by Bruce & Bobbi Fischer
The Vegetarian Table: Mexico by Victoria Wise
The Habanero Cookbook by Dave DeWitt and Nancy Gerlach
Too Many Chiles! by Dave deWit, Nancy Gerlach and Jeff Gerlach
Cooking With Baja Magic by Ann Hazard
The Heat's On, Baby! - A Book for Chile Heads by Carol Lazzeri-Casey
Avenging Victorio (Hardcover & Signed by Author) by Dave DeWitt
The New Complete Book of Mexican Cooking by Elisabeth Lambert Ortiz
The Ultimate Low Fat Mexican Cookbook by Anne Lindsey Greer
A Cook's Tour of Mexico by Nancy Zaslavsky
Mexican Light by Martha Rose Shulman
The Taste of Mexico by Patricia Quintana
The Practical Encyclopedia of Mexican Cooking by Jane Milton
Food From My Heart by Zarela Martinez
Shinin'Times at the Fort by Holly Arnold Kinney
Frontera Cookbook - Margaritas, Guacamoles and Snacks by Rick Bayless
Knack Make it Easy: Mexican Cooking Cookbook by Chelsie Kenyon
Pati's Mexican Table: The Secrets of Real Mexican Home Cooking
Vegan Tacos Cookbook by Jason Wyrick
Muy Bueno Cookbook - Three Generations of Authentic Mexican Flavor
Tamales 101 Cookbook: A Beginner's Guide to Making Traditional Tamales
Real New Mexico Chile by Sandy Szwarc
Mexican Today Recipes for Contemporary Kitchens by Pati Jinich
Mexican Food Cookbooks Authors

Whether you love Mexican cuisine, are looking to enhance your dishes or learn about the fascinating culinary world of Mexico, cookbooks are the perfect source to gather the information you need. prides itself on being able to bring to you the best Mexican cookbooks on the market. It doesn't matter if you're a beginner or an expert, just open a book and unravel the delicious secrets of Mexican cuisine.

Discover new recipes and savor the flavor of Mexico with MexGrocer’s authentic Mexican recipe books. Listed below is selection of the finest cookbooks available online at

Dave DeWitt - Dewitt is a celebrated author and chile pepper authority, his cookbooks and chile pepper guides give you a delicious insight into Mexico and Latin America’s zesty cuisine. Some of the books by Dave DeWitt you can find available at are: The Southwest Table – a delicious look into Texas, New Mexico and Arizona’s cuisine through history, recipes and vibrant photography. Cuisines of the Southwest – discover the culinary history of the Southwest through 160 regional recipes, authentic ingredients and stunning images. The Habanero Cookbook – Turn up the heat intensity of your dishes and prepare recipes with the hottest of chiles. Do you dare take the challenge? The Complete Chile Pepper Book – It’s a gardener’s guide with everything you need to know about chile peppers, from choosing them, to growing, preserving and cooking them. It comes with 85 fiery recipes and an extensive glossary of chile pepper terms for the chile lover.

Maria Elena Cuervo Lorens – Chef and author Maria Elena shares her love of Mexican cuisine through her cookbook titled “Mexican Culinary Treasures” where she takes you on a journey through her kitchen and childhood memories of Mexico City. Some of the mouthwatering recipes you’ll find in this cookbook are enchiladas, tacos, quesadillas, crepes and more.

Zarela Martinez – Brings the color, culture and flavor of Mexico through her cookbooks. Discover the history of Oaxaca and their cuisine through Zarela Martinez’s “The Food and Life of Oaxaca” which gives a delicious insight of the unique ingredients and traditional recipes from Mexico’s heart. If you’re looking for authentic Mexican recipes and the history behind them you will also enjoy Martinez’s “Food from My Heart” cookbook.

Rick Bayless – Get authentic and delicious recipes from the master of authentic Mexican cuisine Rick Bayless, through his “Authentic Mexican Cookbook. That provides stunning imagery, informative notes and a delicious assortment of recipes. Learn to make tortillas, guacamole, tamales, mole, buttered crepes, custard ice cream, hot chocolate, fruit & milk smoothies and so much more. Also check out his other recipe book “Mexican Cookbook – Mexican Kitchen” as well as the Mexican food dvd “Some Like it Hot” for delicious chile recipes.

Bruce and Bobbi Fischer – Crave fresh and steaming homemade tortillas? Bruce and Bobbi Fisher’s “Tortilla Lovers Cookbook” features more than 100 tortilla recipes for appetizers, main dishes, soups, salads and desserts.

Ann Hazard – Go through a mouthwatering journey as Ann Hazard leads you through the magical kitchens and campfires of Baja. Learn the history of Baja cuisine through Ann’s travels and easy to prepare recipes that she has created and gathered. With over 170 recipes Ann Hazard’s “Cooking with Baja Magic” 1 and 2 are the perfect sources for Baja cooking.

Golden West Publishers – If you’re a veggie lover than Chef Morty Star’s “Veggie Lovers Cookbook” is the ideal source for you to treat yourself with over 200 delicious vegan recipes.

Mary Sue Milliken and Susan Feniger – Taste the bold flavors of Mexico with California flair, through Mary Sue Milliken and Susan Feniger’s “Mesa Mexicana” cookbook, with authentic Mexican recipes ranging from margaritas, fruit smoothies, guacamole, seafood tacos, barbecue chicken, tortas and much more. Also check Milliken and Feniger’s Mexican Cooking for Dummies, a fun book with more recipes for you to practice and learn the art of Mexican Cuisine.

Shayne K. Fischer – Dwell deeper into Mexican Cuisine through Shayne K. Fischer’s delicious recipes and cookbooks for all types of taste buds. Vegi-Mex – is a comprehensive cookbook with vegetarian Mexican recipes, so you’ll have a nutritious veggie meal with the flavor of Mexico. Also keep yourself fit and healthy with the “Low Fat Recipes Book” and the “Bean Lovers Cookbook” is just the treat for bean lovers, with deliciously authentic bean recipes.

Other popular recipe books include the “Tamales Cookbook” by Mark Miller, “The Essential Cuisines of Mexico” by Diana Kennedy, “Quick-n-Easy Mexican Recipes” by Susan Bollin, “Mexican Desserts and Drinks” by Socorro Munoz Kimble and Irma Serrano Noriega, “Passionately Mexican – La Costena’s collection of recipes” by Maru Rangel and “The Practical Encyclopedia of Mexican Cooking” by Jane Milton.

Mexican Food

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