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Best Sellers Mexican Products and Gourmet Foods at MexGrocer.com

Best Sellers Mexican Products and Gourmet Foods at MexGrocer.com

Pan de Muerto - Mexican Bread of the Dead - Medium
Miniature Sugar Candy Skulls - Calaveritas
Calaveras de Azucar - Sugar Candy Skull Dia de Muertos - Medium
Calaveras de Azucar - Sugar Candy Skulls Dia de Muertos - Large
Mexican Coffee 100% Cafe Arabica Ground Dark Roast
Tortillas - Maseca Corn Flour Masa for Tortillas
Maseca Corn Masa Flour for Tamales
Herdez Mexican Salsa Casera (Pack of 3)
Lingonberry Jam - Roland Wild Swedish Lingonberries
La Victoria Salsa Brava - Taco Sauce - Hot
Dona Maria Mole Sauce
Fritos Brand Flamin' Hot Corn Chips (Pack of 3)
Carnitas - Del Real Foods Ready to Eat Carnitas (Packed in two 16oz pouches)
Pico Pica Mexican Hot Sauce - HOT
Ibarra Chocolate - Mexican Sweet Chocolate 6 Tablets
Corn Husks for Tamales El Guapo - Hojas para Tamal
Tortilla Press Cast Iron
Uncooked Flour Tortillas Fresca - 8 inch
Coca Cola from Mexico (Pack of 6)
Tajin Fruit and Snack Seasoning Clasico
Tamales Masa Spreader - Extendedor de Masa MAS TAMALES Mex-Sales
Mexico Lindo Salsas Castillo Red Habanera Extra Hot
Vero Rebanaditas / Watermelon Mexican Candy
Vero Mango Mexican Candy (40 Pieces)
El Yucateco Extra Hot Habanero Sauce - XXXTRA Hot
Pulparindo -Tamarind Mexican Candy by De La Rosa
El Yucateco 4 Habanero Hot Sauces Gift Pack
Hibiscus Flowers - Flor de Jamaica
Ariel Laundry Detergent
Embasa Whole Green Chiles - Mild
Thick Corn Tortillas by La Tortilla Fresca - 6" - Six Dozen
Mazapan - De la Rosa Peanut Mazapan Mexican Candy
Molina Vanilla - Mexican Vanilla
El Pato Salsa de Chile Fresco - Hot Tomato Sauce (Pack of 6)
Bufalo Chilpotle Hot Sauce
Embasa Chipotle Peppers in Adobo Sauce (Pack of 3)
Limon 7 - Polvo de Sal y Limon - Salt & Lemon powder - 7 oz
Comal - Cast Iron Plate Round
Hot Sauce Lovers Gift Pack
La Victoria Red Salsa Jalapeña - Extra Hot
El Yucateco Achiote Red Paste
Abuelita Mexican Chocolate 6 Tablets
Mexican Tamales Making Kit
La Victoria Green Salsa Jalapeña - Extra Hot
Pelon Pelo Rico Candy
Molcajete de Piedra Negra / Black Lava Stone Mortar & Pestle Molcajete
El Yucateco Green Habanero Hot Sauce
Zote Laundry Soap Bar - Pink
El Yucateco Chile Habanero Hot Sauce
Our Lady of Guadalupe White Candle (Pack of 6)
Our Lady of Guadalupe Poster - Virgen de Guadalupe Poster - Medium
Cholula Mexican Hot Sauce Original
Olla de Barro Frijolera sin Plomo / Lead Free Clay Bean Pot with lid Large
Takis Fuego Hot Chili Pepper & Lime by Barcel (Pack of 3)
Del Real Foods Gourmet Pork Tamales in Red Sauce
Fischer & Wieser The Original Raspberry Chipotle Sauce
Cheetos Xxtra Flamin' Hot Crunchy (Pack of 3)
Queso Oaxaca en Bola Los Altos (String Mozzarella Cheese Wheel)
Tortilla Press - Tortilladora de Madera Barnizada / Mezquite Tortilla Press
Uncooked Corn Tortillas by TortillaLand
Jarritos de Barro - Cantaritos Para Bebida (Pack of 6)
Cazuela de Barro sin Plomo - Lead Free Clay Casserole
Takis Fuego Hot Chili Pepper & Lime Tortilla Minis (Pack of 3)
Pico Pica Mexican Hot Sauce - HOT
Saladitos Sabor Limon - Saladulces HOLA Lobito - Salados Lemon Flavored Salted Apricot - 1.2 oz
Pulparindo Extra Hot and Salted Tamarind Pulp Candy
La Victoria Salsa Brava (Squeeze Bottle) - Taco Sauce - Hot
Doritos Tapatio Salsa Picante Hot Sauce Flavor by Sabritas (Pack of 3)
Ancho Dried Chile Pepper by El Sol de Mexico
Cheetos Flamin' Hot Puffs Jumbo (Pack of 3)
Rancheritos - Mexican Style Corn Chips Snack (Pack of 3)
Sabritones - Puffed Wheat Snacks Chile & Lime (Pack of 3)
Lucas Gusano Dulce de Chamoy - Mexican Liquid Candy
Herdez Red Guajillo Chile Mexican Cooking Sauce
Doritos Salsa Verde Flavored Tortilla Chips (Pack of 3)
Pico Diana Mexican Candy
Pica Limon - Lemon and Chili Powder Packets - 7 oz
Lay's Flamin' Hot Flavored Potato Chips (Pack of 3)
Lucas Baby Sweet'n Sour Mango Powder 7.1 oz
Pico Pica Mexican Taco Sauce - MILD
Jarritos Strawberry Soft Drink Fresa (Pack of 6)
Herdez Tomatillo Verde Mexican Cooking Sauce
Pasilla Dried Chile Pepper by El Sol de Mexico
Burrito Size Flour Tortillas by La Tortilla Fresca - 10" - Two Dozen in Pack
La Cubeta Queso Blanco Fresco Los Altos Cheese (Pack of 3)
ITZZA Mexican Seasonings Gift Set
Chilean Locos - Abalone Like Shellfish Imported from Chile
Mexican Candy Gift Pack
Canasta Uncooked Flour Tortillas with Lard - Pack of 5 dozen
Canasta Uncooked Flour Tortillas with Canola Oil - Pack of 5 dozen
Herdez Instant Refried Beans Traditional (Pack of 3)
Herdez Guacamole Salsa Med
If you’re having a difficult time deciding what to buy or want to know what are the most popular products at MexGrocer.com, then browse through our Mexican Food Best Sellers List. Find out what are the most commonly sold products and which ones are costumer preferred. As well as get excellent gift ideas for your family and friends.

Savor the flavor of Mexico with MexGrocer.com.

If you want some delicious homemade tortillas or tamales, try Maseca’s Corn Flour Masa. This brand is a customer favorite for its unique taste and texture that allows you to make authentic tortillas and tamales right at home. Also create perfectly round tortillas when you flatten your balls of dough with our Tortilla Press Cast Iron by La Mexicana, an essential tool that facilitates the labor involved in making tortillas from scratch. If you prefer to buy ready made tortillas instead, then you’ll love Tortilla Land’s flour tortillas and Porkyland’s thick corn tortillas. We highly recommend you try La Mexicana’s cast iron plate round Comal to warm up your tortillas, it is also ideal to blister chiles. Tortillas can get cold rather quickly and while this can be bothersome “La Tortilla Oven” offers a product that solves that problem, with their Oven Warmer you can place your tortillas inside as you’re heating them up on the comal. You can also microwave the tortillas from inside the brown fabric Oven warmer; the tortillas will remain warmer longer so you can enjoy your meals with fresh tortillas. In order to make tamales be sure to get El Guapo’s Corn Husks, and for easier spreading of the masa ‘Mex-Sales” has a great tamale masa spreader.

Get your friends and family started in the art of making tamales with our Mexican Tamales Making kit that has all the essential ingredients and tools they need in order to learn how to make delicious homemade tamales.

We have a great selection of popular salsas and seasonings for you to enhance the flavor of your meals with and give them a spicy kick. Some of our popular brands include: Herdez, La Victoria, Pico Pica, El Yucateco, El Pato and Buffalo. Also Embasa’s Whole Green Chiles Mild and Chipotle Peppers in Adobe Sauce are perfect for giving color and flavor to your meals. Make sure to introduce your family and friends to the zesty taste of Mexico’s salsas with both of our gift packs: El Yucateco 4 Habanero Hot Sauces Gift Pack and Hot Sauce Lovers Gift Pack.

Having a hard time deciding what snacks to purchase? Try our 2 best selling flavors from Doritos and Fritos: Flamin’ Hot Corn Chips and Fiery Habanero. We also recommend you accompany your favorite snacks with our very popular Mexican beverage brands: Coca Cola from Mexico, Jumex Mango Nectar and El Sol’s hibiscus flowers for delicious hibiscus water or tea. If you feel like having a warm beverage then Nestle’s Abuelitas Mexican Chocolate tablets are what you’re looking for, its exquisite chocolate flavor has been a favorite throughout countless generations to accompany tamales or Mexico’s delicious sweet bread delicacies.

There are so many candy brands and flavors it’s quite a challenge to choose one, MexGrocer.com recommends the following products that are sure to satisfy your sweet tooth: Vero Rebanaditas and Vero Mango Lollipops, De La Rosa’s Pulparindo tamarind candy, De La Rosa’s Marzipan (Mazapan) a sweet treat made from almond meal, Limon 7 Salt & Lime Powder for fruits and Pelon Pelo Rico gooey tamarind candy. If you want to make cookies, ice cream and cakes then Molina’s Vanilla Extract is an essential ingredient you will want to mix. For a delicious dessert topping try Coronado’s liquid blistering cajeta (milk caramel).

What better gift than the gift of faith, Our Lady of Guadalupe candles, posters and frames which resemble the painting in Mexico’s Basilica of Guadalupe make excellent gift ideas for an office, small church, large home or factory. Have the blessed mother bless, protect and look over your church, friends and family.

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