El Mexicano Spiced Seasoning Red Achiote Paste - 14 oz

El Mexicano
El Mexicano Spiced Seasoning Red Achiote Paste
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Achiote Rojo Condimentado Yucateco - Spiced Seasoning Red Achiote Paste by El Mexicano 14 oz

Achiote is a red seasoning paste or special marinating mix, used to give all types of meat an authentic Mexican Mayan food flavor. El Mexicano Achiote is a brand of Marquez Brothers International, Inc.

Ingredients: Annatto seed, spices, vinegar, iodized salt, water, granulated garlic, cornmeal, FDC color #40, sodium benzoate as a preservative.


Red Achiote Condimentado, also known as “Recado Rojo,” is a special blend of exotic spices that uses the annatto seed as its main ingredient. This special combination of ingredients produces the unique and marvelous flavor of Del Mayab Achiote; a versatile addition to cooking that makes many dishes come alive with the unforgettably distinctive taste of authentic.


El Mexicano Brand is owned by Marquez Brothers International Inc. a family owned corporation with affiliates in the United States and Mexico dedicated to the production and distribution of Mexican style dairy products, meat items and canned goods.

Marquez Brothers is also a major importer of national leading branded grocery items from Mexico and Central America.


Achiote Condimentado en pasta o Recado Rojo marca El Mexicano - 100 g

El Achiote o recado rojo contienene semilla de anato, achiote, mezclado con ajo, comino y clavo, chile y canela. Tradicionalmente el achiote se unta en la carne con esa mezcla o pasta roja y la carne se envuelve en hojas de plátano que a su vez son envueltas en papel aluminio para ser horneada.


El Mexicano Spiced Seasoning Red Achiote Paste

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