LALA UHT Chocolate Milk 18 Pack ChocoLala - 18 / 8.25 oz

LALA UHT Chocolate Milk 18 Pack ChocoLala
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LALA UHT Chocolate Milk 8.25 oz - 18 Pack - ChocoLala

LALA UHT MILK is ultra-pasteurized. The milk is heated to a higher temperature than normal pasteurization. This milk does not have to be kept refrigerated until opened and it has a much longer shelf life than non-UHT milk.

Lala Chocolate Milk is yummy and nourishing to build muscle power of protein, perfect for road trips, camping or just to keep handy on the pantry for its UHT process. Drink it chilled or straight from the packaging. Chocolala Chocolate Milk UHT by LALA will bring you memories of your childhood and the comforting flavor that will keep you going all day.


Leche de Chocolate marca LALA Ultra Pasteurizada - 18 unidades

Leche Lala con delicioso sabor a Chocolate adicionada con vitaminas.

La leche de chocolate LALA tiene la proteina de la Leche con el sabor de chocolate, que la hace muy nutritiva y sabrosa y les gusta mucho a los ninos. Viene envasada en el empaque UHT ultra pasteurizada, que le da una larga vida y solo la tienes que refrigerar cuando la abres para su consumo. Chocolala


LALA UHT Chocolate Milk 18 Pack ChocoLala


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