Blue Skull with Funeral - Approx. 10"d x 10"w x 16.5"h

Picture of Funeral Skull - Item No. 116-038
Blue Skull with FuneralBlue Skull with FuneralBlue Skull with FuneralBlue Skull with Funeral
Item#: 116-038
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Blue Skull w/ Funeral

Skull with funeral handmade in paper mache. Figure represents a blue skull decorated with flowers, which keeps in his head the representation of a funeral where the 4 skeletons are crying for the person buried. Artist, Antonio Joel Garcia Ventura, Mexico City.

Approx. 10"d x 10"w x 16.5"h

Unit True Ship Weight (lbs): 1.75 lb (28 ounces or 0.79kg)

Calavera Azul con Entierro

Calavera con entierro hechaa mano en papel mache. Figura que representa una Calavera azul decorada con flores, que mantiene en su cabeza la representaci¢n de un entierro donde los 4 esqueletos lloran por la persona enterrada. Artista, Antonio Joel Garcia Ventura, Ciudad de Mexico.

Aprox. 25.4cm largo x 25.4cm ancho x 41.9cm alto

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Blue Skull with Funeral
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