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San Francisco - Rice and Beans from Central America

For more information on Arrocera San Francisco and its products please visit their websites at: ArroceraSanFrancisco.com or AllFoodUSA.com

San Francisco - Rice and Beans from Central America

Arrocera San Francisco S.A. de C.V was founded in El Salvador in 1968 by Mr. Matias Ruiz with the idea of processing and distributing high quality rice and other products at competitive prices.

At the beginning the company was focused on the production of national rice and direct production. During times of war the company routed to wholesale to avoid retaliation and transfer problems.

By 1992 after the wary the company modified its production strategy to marketing and distribution. In the foregoing the company aimed to develop the supermarket channel, Wholesale, institutional, pre-sale and exporting. Leveraging the brand value and good relations in the market, distribution of other products that went to the natural channels of the company where visualized.

Today, Arrocera San Francisco S.A. de C.V. stands out from other distributing companies because they have a portfolio of selective products with high focus and volume sale.

In 2001, operations where opened in the United States with the objective of developing a marketing channel, that specializes in the ethnic Central American market.

San Francisco Rice and Beans are distributed in the United States by Allfoods Inc. property of Arrocera San Francisco S.A. de C.V. Other products distributed are Dona Lisa.


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