Flours and Sugars

These two ingredients give recipes a unique texture and flavor that otherwise can’t be achieved without them.

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Flours and Sugars are essential ingredients that make up some of the best dishes and desserts. After all what would cake, cookies, tamales or tortillas taste without them? We recommend to view more the remaining of this article to get a brief history on both and information on some of the sugar and flour products you can find at MexGrocer.com.


Sugar is a type of edible crystalline carbohydrates that are known as fructose, sucrose and lactose. Sugar can was first cultivated in New Guinea approximately 10,000 years ago and migrated east to the Philippines and west to India. The sugar cane plant eventually made its way to Egypt through Asian trade routes. The Egyptians had extraordinarily skilled chemists who developed many of the sugar milling techniques that are known and are still in use today, such as clarification and evaporation. The Arabs were among the first to create a method for sugar making by pressing out the cane juice and boiling it into crystals around 500 BC. The Arabs later introduced sugar technology to Europe through their westward expansion into Spain during the middle ages. Sugar wasn’t introduced to the Americas until 1493 when Christopher Columbus brought it from the Canary Islands, not long after Sugar began to flow to cities through colonial plantations during the early 1500s, where it made its way to the United States and was planted in the southern climate of New Orleans. The first industrial plant was built in New York City around 1690 but sugar factories were not able to thrive in a profitable manner until 1872 when a refinery was built in California.

Most commercially manufactured sugar is white granulated but there are other types such as brown sugar which is made slightly different from white sugar, candy sugar that is most commonly used for the brewing industry and is made up of large white sugar crystals, liquid sugar which is made primarily from cane sugar and cubed sugar.


Flour is a fine white powder which is made from the grinding of cereal grains, roots or seeds. Wheat flour is considered one of the most important foods in North American, European, North African and Middle Eastern countries and is the primary ingredient in most of their staple breads and pastries. Maize flour has also been an important ingredient for Mesoamerican cuisine and remains an important part of Mexican and Latin American cuisine. Wheat flour didn’t make its way into Mexico until the Spanish conquest, when the Spanish conquistadors introduced it to the native tribes of the country.

It was approximately around 9000 BC when it was first discovered that wheat seeds could be grinded between simple grindstones to make flour, the first to grind seeds into cone mills were the ancient Romans. The first steam mill for flour production was built in London on the bank of Thames during 1786 at the beginning of the Industrial Era. It wasn’t until the 17th century that flour grains were first brought into the Americas by a European colonist, who built the first flour producing mills.

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