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If spices and seasonings never existed, what would cooking and food be like without the unique flavors provided by spices, herbs and seasonings? It would be bland, boring and tasteless. It’s the seasonings and spices put on to food, what brings dishes to life. Seasoning is the process in which we improve or give flavor to our dishes and recipes, seasonings are the key ingredients in every dish.

Aztecs not only flavored their drinks and food with a long list of native spices and flavorings which then they offered to their gods in religious ceremonies, in which they played a very important part. Mexican Cuisine stands out because of its varied colors, flavors, and the variety of its native ingredients and spices.

MexGrocer is proud to bring you a broad selection of seasonings to create delicious dishes and enhance their flavor.

Fruit seasonings – Meats, fish, pork and poultry shouldn’t have to be the only foods you season. Now enhance the flavor and take your snacks, fruits and vegetables to a whole new level using Tajin Fruit and Snack Seasoning Clasico, Trechas Chile Powder, Trechas Salimon and Trechas Spicy Powder with Real Lime.

MexiChef – Make delicious salsas, tamales and a variety of dishes with MexiChef Chile Guajillo Pepper Paste and MexiChef Chile Pasilla Pepper Paste. Also for a Mexican get together, barbecue or for your next reunion make a delicious Birria or Barbacoa with Barbacoa Cooking Mix - Salsa para Barbacoa by Dona LA - 4 Bags and Birria Cooking Mix - Salsa para Birria by Dona LA - 4 bags so you can be the life of the party!

Goya – With their line of seasonings and Sazon Goya, all of your dishes will be delicious. Give your meat, poultry, pork and fish brand new flavors by shaking on Goya’s Adobo seasoning before cooking! Goya sazon are high quality products, with the ability to change the flavor of any food and make a world’s difference with only one packet. Try any of their varieties sold here at Sazon Goya Azafran Seasoning, Goya Sazon Cilantro and Achiote Seasoning, Goya Ham Flavored seasoning for an incredible roasted ham, Goya Cilantro and Tomato Seasoning and Goya Sazonador Total which has all the ingredients you need to season your food, together in one product. It contains the most aromatic spices with the most flavors to make your dishes super special, and enhance the natural flavors of food with the perfect mix of natural ingredients.

El Sol – Incredible collection of spices that you must have in your pantry and at your next barbecue to season and enhance the flavor of all your favorite dishes. Rub and shake on Meat, pork, poultry, fish, and chicken for finger licking delicious food. Enjoy any of El Sol products which include: El Sol Carne Asada Seasoned Meat Tenderizer, El Sol Garlic, Salt and Pepper, El Sol Garlic Salt, El Sol Granulated Garlic, El Sol Ground Black Pepper, and for delicious treats use El Sol Chile con Limon and El Sol Pico de Gallo Seasoning for fruit on all your fruits and vegetables.

Other seasoning you should have in your pantry for delicious meats, fish, pork, poultry and chicken are Sazonador Para Carnes – Beef Seasoning, Maggi Seasoning Sauce – Salsa Maggi – Jugo Sazonador and for a healthy living use Autlan Sea Natural Salt with just a pinch you’ll naturally salt all your foods.

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