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Blowfish Marbles Game Net (Canicas)
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Marbles are a traditional children's game that have been a favorite for generations. The origins of this game have been traced back to Pakistan, Rome and Ancient Eygpt. Fabricas Selectas USA brings you unique designs such as these brightly colored opaque yellow glass marbles that are rolled in opaque brown frit with an iridescent finish that resembles the skin of a Blowfish.

There are a variety of different games that can be played with Marbles and even new ones are made up on the spot. The most common form to play is the classic game of "Ringer" and you'll need the following to play:

- A surface that is both hard and smooth.

- Chalk (in order to draw the ring where the game will be played).

- Marbles (regular size), as well as a larger shoother marble for each player.

The Ringer game consists of drawing a 10-foot circle and placing 9 to 13 marbles in an "X" shape within the ring's center, each an inch or two apart. One player will grip the largest marble (known as the shooter) while standing outside the line and will send it towards the marbles inside of the ring with a flick of his or her thumb. The player must keep every small marble they knock from the ring until he or she fails to knock one out, which signals the start of the next players turn and so on. The winner is determined by the first player who is able to known out seven marbles out of the ring. If kids want to make the game even more fun, they can play for keeps which means that the winning player gets to keep the marbles. That's an excellent options for kids who love to collect marbles.

Fun Blowfish Facts: Blowfish are also called "Pufferfish", they are slow and clumsy swimmers and ingest a huge amount of water in order to "puff out".

Las canicas son un juego tradicional de ninos que han sido un favorito por generaciones. Los origines del juego han sido rastreados a Pakistan, Roma y Egipto. Fabricas Selectas USA te traen disenos originales con colores brillantes, como estas canicas que estan hechas de forma que se parecen a la piel del pez bola.

Hay una gran variedad de juegos que se pueden jugar con las canicas y hasta nuevos se pueden inventar. Para jugar necesitas lo siguente:

-Una superficie que es duro y suave.

-gis (para dibujar el circulo donde van a jugar).

- Canicas (tamano regular), ademas de una canica grande para cada jugador.

El juego consiste en dibujar un circulo y poner de 9 a 13 canicas en el centro del circulo haciendo la forma de una “X”. Uno de los jugadores agarra la canica mas grande y la aventara hacia las demas canicas que estan dentro del circulo. Cada jugador debe quedarse con cada canica que saquen del aro hasta que fallen entonces ya empieza el turno del siguente jugador. El ganador es determinado por el primer jugador que logre sacar 7 canicas del circulo . Ahora los ninos pueden hacer el juego mas divertido, haciendo que el ganador se quede con las canicas. Esta es una excelente opcion para aquellos ninos que les fascina coleccionar canicas.

Datos Divertidos del Pez Bola: son lentos y torpes, e ingiere una gran cantidad de agua con el fin de expandirse.

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Blowfish Marbles Game Net Canicas
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