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Mexican Toys

Mexican Toys

Maracas Tricolor Grande / Large Tri-Color Maracas
Loteria Mexicana 10 tablas - Mexican Bingo Game - 10 playing cards
Juego de Loteria Gigante
Boy/Girl Mexican Wrestling Mask Assorted Colors
Wrestling plastic toy figures (6 pack)
Mexican Wrestling Ring and Wrestlers (5 ct)
Mexican Wooden Trompo - Wood Top - Spin Top
Mexican Balero
Matraca Madera Mediana/Medium de La Mexicana
Damas Chinas y Damas Inglesas en Caja por Gacela
Memoria de loteria chica
Memoria de loteria grande
Memoria de Animalitos para Ninos
6 Juegos en 1 Juego para Ninos
4 en 1 juegos para ninos
Helicoptero de la Cruz - Juego de niñas y niños
Loteria professional en caja 10 tablas
Loteria Mexicana con 20 tablas
Curious Chef Build a Kitchen 8 Piece Fruit & Vegetable Set
Curious Chef Build a Kitchen 8 Piece Cutlery & Serving Set
Curious Chef 26 Piece Holiday Cookie Kit
Bolsas de Pinata 15 X 25 Cms
Pirinola Toma Todo Chico
Mexican Puppet (Titere)
Alex Domino 28 fichas
Beluga Marbles Game Net (Canicas)
Cockatoo Marbles Game Net (Canicas)
Tiger Shark Marbles Game Net (Canicas)
Bengal Tiger Marbles Game Net (Canicas)
Iquana Marbles Game Net (Canicas)
T-Rex Marbles Game Net (Canicas)
Comet Marbles Game Net (Canicas)
Blue Dolphin Marbles Game Net (Canicas)
Meteor Marbles Game Net (Canicas)
Galaxy Marbles Game Net (Canicas)
Orca Marbles Game Net (Canicas)
Cat's Eye Marbles Game Net (Canicas)
Serpent Marbles Game Net (Canicas)
Milkyway Marbles Game Net (Canicas)
Stardust Marbles Game Net (Canicas)
Volcano Marbles Game Net (Canicas)
Dragon Marbles Game Net (Canicas)
Dragonfly Marbles Game Net (Canicas)
Bumblebee Marbles Game Net (Canicas)
Rooster Marbles Game Net (Canicas)
Clownfish Marbles Game Net (Canicas)
Polar Bear Marbles Game Net (Canicas)
Zebra Marbles Game Net (Canicas)
Sea Turtle Marbles Game Net (Canicas)
Sun Marbles Game Net (Canicas)
Peacock Marbles Game Net (Canicas)
Electric Eel Marbles Game Net (Canicas)
White Tiger Marbles Game Net (Canicas)
Blowfish Marbles Game Net (Canicas)
Monarch Butterfly Marbles Game Net (Canicas)
Ladybug Marbles Game Net (Canicas)
Goldfish Marbles Game Net (Canicas)
Panda Marbles Game Net (Canicas)
Tarantula Marbles Game Net (Canicas)
Medusa Jellyfish Marbles Game Net (Canicas)
Zombie Marbles Game Net (Canicas)
Vampire Marbles Game Net (Canicas)
Tic Tac Toe Marble Game
Pyramid Solitaire Marble Game
Quick Chinese Checkers Marble Game
Marble Madness Booklet
14mm Game Replacement Marbles (Canicas)
Classic Marbles Assortment (Canicas)
Matraca Gigante (Jumbo Size)
Matraca Madera Chica / Small
In Mexico, toy-making is one of the country’s most fascinating traditional arts, ranging from wooden toys, puppets and board games. Every child in Mexico has grown up with traditional toys & games such as the famous balero, trompo and loteria game. It’s an essential part of everyone’s childhood and culture, a tradition that you can continue with your own children through MexGrocer’s unique selection of authentic Mexican toys.

Listed below are some of the toys you’ll find at, as well as a brief history and information.


The balero known as a Cup-and-Ball in English is a toy that consists of a wooden cup that is attached to a handle by a string. It originated in Mexico during the 16th century and became a favorite game by King Henry III of France. The main goal of the balero is to get the wooden cup onto the handle; the game can be tricky since the players must not use any body part except the hand where the handle is situated. Whoever gets the wooden cup onto the handle is the winner.


The trompo is another popular game that originated in Mexico and made its way to Japan, Spain and Latin America. A trompo resembles a top; it has a pear like shape and is most commonly made of wood. The toy has a button shaped tip on the top that is bigger then the tip at the bottom which is made from metal & is used to spin the trompo. This popular toy uses a string that is wrapped around it and is released when the trompo is thrown on the ground.

Another toy that is similar to the trompo is the pirinola, which also resembles a top and is traditionally made out of wood or plastic. The difference is that it has 6 sides with different directions written on each, so when it is thrown and the pironola spins the players must follow the directions on which it lands.

Board Games

Mexico also has very popular and traditional board games; among those are Loteria, Chinese pick up sticks, the great game of goose, chutes & ladders, Chinese and English checkers. The most popular game is Loteria also known as Lottery, this game is considered the Mexican “Bingo” since it is very similar to the American game, and is typically played at fairs (amusement parks). It is a game of chance that uses the images on a deck of cards; all players will have a randomly created table (paper) that has a different selection of images. A dealer will choose random cards from the deck and will call them out loud in a humorous tone. Players must mark the images on their tables that the dealer has called out, these are usually market with any type of game piece or marker, though it is common to use beans in Mexico. The first player to fill a whole row with their pieces, either a vertical, horizontal or diagonal row must shout “Lottery” and will automatically win.

You can find these and other fun games at provided by the famous brand La Mexicana, ranging from toy helicopters, matracas, action figures, maracas and much more. These toys and board games will bring endless hours of fun for your children and the whole family, they are ideal for kids’ parties, as well as being wonderful games for a fun family night.

Juguetes Tipicos de Mexico


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