Religious Gold Crosses - Gold Cross - Cruz Oro 14k - Crucifijos Oro

Religious gold medals are an important symbol of the catholic faith and belief; they serve as a way to remind us to remain close to go God. Catholic medals also bring protection to the wearer from harm and are an important spiritual reminder of our relationship with God. They can be given as gifts for baptisms, weddings, confirmation, communions, anniversaries, birthdays and other important accomplishments. For example it is very common for children to receive a religious medal when going through their first Communion or at their baptism. is proud to bring you a collection of beautiful Religious Gold Crosses so you can wear them as a way to proudly display your faith with class, beauty and elegance. Religious Jewelry is worn for fashion but the market has expanded its fashion trends to bracelets, rings, pendants, brooch pins, rosaries and any variety of style of jewelry that shows your faith and belief in God.

Gold Crosses has a collection of Cross medals depicting the image of Jesus Christ during the crucifixion. They can be worn to display your faith, to remind you of your relationship with God, as well as the reasons of why he died in the cross which are Jesus Christ’s unending love, the life he gave for mankind, salvation and the forgiveness of our sins.

Our collection of crosses include medals in 14K gold either square or round. These crosses are sure to fit the perfect occasion as well as fit any taste or preference. They will make excellent gifts to commemorate a special occasions, like birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, baptism, weddings, first communion and confirmation as well as provide hope, undying faith and inspiration for the wearer.

Gold Clip-ons

Grace your mother, girlfriend, wife, daughter or grandmother with the gift of faith by giving them one of our three beautiful 14k gold clip-ons depicting three different scenes: Our Lady of Guadalupe, The Last Supper and Jesus on the Cross. They are wonderful reminders of our faith and our relationship with God. This beautiful clip-ons will make they wearer feel proud of their faith in God, they will feel safe from harm at the same time they make a fashion statement.


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