Mexican Fiesta Chili Peppers

Mexican Fiesta Chili Peppers

Chili Pepper Printed Snack Tray 16"
Chiles are the staple food of Mexico, and they make fun and interesting decorations. Have a very Mexican party with chiles motifs that are sure to please your guests.

Fiesta Chili Peppers this is another fun, festive and colorful theme that is decorated with red, yellow and green chili peppers. This set includes balloons, stirrers, tablecloths, napkins and plates that will uniquely decorate your next fiesta.

The Mexican fiesta Chili peppers are a fun and original way to decorate your Mexican themed or Cinco de Mayo fiesta. They will give your fiestas a unique look with their festive and colorful chili designs. has a varied selection of Mexican Fiesta Chilli Peppers decorations, so you can buy all the supplies you need for your parties at great prices, at a click of a button and delivered right to your door.

Decorate your tables with the Fiesta Chili Peppers Paper Table Cover which has a border of colorful stripes and colored chiles (orange, green, yellow and red) on a black background. It will protect your tables and give them a very cool Mexican style. Combine the table cover with the Fiesta Table Sprinkles; they are very cute chiliitos in red, green and orange colors that will give your tables a very awesome Mexican look.

Make your parties super fun with the Inflatable Red Chilli Pepper. It can be used indoors or outdoors, and it’s made of durable, reusable vinyl. The Inflatable Red Chilli Pepper is an excellent addition to your Luau, Cinco de Mayo, Beach party, Tropical, or Mexican party.

To match your table covers serve the lunch or meal and dessert at your parties with the Fiesta Chili Peppers lunch plates, napkins and beverage napkings which share the same colored chilito pattern as the table cover.

Serve your snacks with style using the Chili Pepper Printed Snack Tray; a colorful and original way to serve chips at your party. It’s made of plastic in the form of a red chili pepper; it will give your FIESTAS a very original Mexican Touch. You can also use it in barbecues, at the beach, in family reunions, when watching your favorite movie or t.v. show as well as when watching the super bowl with your friends.

Spice up the drinks and cocktails at your party with style using the Fiesta Chili Pepper Stirrers. Made of plastic, they are shaped like chilis and come in two fun colors: green and red, so even your drinks will have a very Mexican look.

Make sure to spice and liven up your drinks and food with the Chili Pepper Picks. They are guaranteed to brighten up any table with their colorful chile designs which come in two colors: red and green. Use Chili Pepper Picks at Luau’s, summer parties, Cinco de Mayo, Mexican or Tropical themed parties at the buffet food or to add an olive or cherry to decorate your cocktails and drinks.


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