Religious Gold Medals - Medallas Religiosas - Escapularios - 14k Gold

Religious medals have been used for centuries as symbols of faith and devotion; they depict religious scenes and commemorate saints and miracles. They are worn as a reminder of faith, for protection from harm and most importantly to remain close to God. As well as recalling the importance of following the example of the holy lives of the saints. Medals are also given as gifts to celebrate baptisms, communions, weddings and accomplishments.

Listed below are some of the beautiful religious medals you’ll find at, as well as information on their spiritual meanings and symbols.

Scapular Medals (Escapularios) and Sacred Heart Medals

A scapular medal is a spiritual descendant of the brown cloth scapular; it is a small medal medallion that symbolizes the Roman Catholic faith. The scapular medal must have the image of the Sacred Heart of Jesus on the right side, and the image of our Blessed Virgin Mary or Our Lady of Guadalupe on the obverse side.

Meaning of the Sacred Heart of Jesus: The Sacred Heart symbolizes God’s undying love for us and is a very special devotion to Jesus. It reminds us to make Christ’s heart our own and to follow his example in all that we do, as well as striving to have his love and compassion within ourselves. The heart symbolizes Jesus in his totality; the heart aflame and the crown of thorns remind us of Christ’s sacrifice and his burning love for us.

Christ on the Cross Medals

The cross represents Christ’s sacrifice for the forgiveness of our sins, where he willingly laid down his life for us. It is a symbol and a reminder of his incredible love for mankind. As well as a confession of faith because when Catholics make the sign of the cross they are expressing their belief in the Holy Trinity: the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. The Cross signifies that you are willingly owned by God and that he is your protector and shield, as well as reminding you to remain close to him and obey his law.

Baptism Medals

The religious sacrament of baptism is important for every child; it signifies their full admittance as a member of the Catholic Church and being cleansed from original sin in which baptism is administered by pouring water on the child. As part of the child’s celebration of becoming a full member of the church, the parents or family members bestow him/her with a gift and baptism medals are most commonly given to the child. These medals are worn as a symbol of the child’s faith and devotion to God.

First Communion Medals

The celebration of the first Holy Communion is one of the most important for children, since it is the first sacrament they are actively involved in. Children go to religious education classes and prepare to receive their first communion and God in their hearts. Family and friends usually present the child with a first communion gift, more commonly a First Holy Communion medal that can be worn close to their heart and represent the symbols of the sacrament including the giving of the daily bread and wine that are presented in the Chalice and possibly a Crucifix which symbolizes the life that Jesus gave for mankind. These medals can be worn on the day of the child’s first communion; they are elegant and simple and can be worn by both boys and girls.

Give the gift of faith to your loved ones with’s beautiful religious medals, each piece is made of 14k gold and have a variety of styles that will suit any one who wears them. They are perfect gifts for all occasions such as baptism, confirmation, first communion and weddings. In times of need, doubt or trouble these religious medals serve as a reminder of God and of the power of faith and prayer.


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