Mexican Cookbook Author: Zarela Martinez

Zarela Martinez

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ZARELA MARTINEZ, one of this generationís leading U. S. restaurateurs, was born and raised in Mexico but began cooking professionally during the late 1970ís in El Paso, Texas.

With the encouragement of Paul Prudhomme and Craig Claiborne, who had been impressed by her vivid Mexican food, she made some nationally noted guest-chef appearances and in 1983 moved her business to New York.

Here she quickly made her mark as menu-designer and later executive chef for Cafe Marimba, the cityís first serious attempt to recreate regional Mexican cuisine with local resources.

A loyal following of diners and food writers responded eagerly when in 1987 she decided to start her own restaurant, Zarela. Read more about Zarela Martinez...

Mexican Cookbook Author: Zarela Martinez

Zarela Martinez is known as one of the leading restaurateurs in the United States. Born and raised in Mexico City Zarela brings a unique touch to her food, which she began cooking professionally during the late 70ís in El Paso, Texas. She made notable national guest chef appearances and soon after in 1983 decided to move her business to New York, where she succeeded as menu designer and later as an executive chef for Cafť Marimba which was one of the cityís most popular restaurants focused on Mexican cuisine. Zarela Martinez didnít stop there; she started her own restaurant in which has become a beloved establishment after more then 24 years since its opening in 1987. Her mission is to make her culture known and understood in the United States, especially its amazing cuisine. Her website has great resources for Mexican food lovers, plus instructional videos through her youtube page that include basic cooking techniques and principles that are fun, easy to follow and informative.

Zarela is also known for her critically acclaimed cookbooks that include: Food from my Heart and The Food and Life of Oaxaca. The Food and Life of Oaxaca cookbook brings the culture and color of Oaxaca right to the readersí tables, Zarela provides detailed information of its history, people and cuisine, as well as amazing imagery. The Food of My Heart cookbook is wonderful book for those who are looking for deliciously authentic Mexican recipes, what makes this book so unique is that Zarela Martinez details the history behind each recipe and dish. Youíll embark on an amazing culinary journey with Zarela as you read the stories behind each dish.

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