Conoce Mexico en Mexico Desconocido

Conoce Mexico

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Edición 10/ Febrero 2004
Edición 23/ Julio 2006
Edición 7/ Junio 2003
Edicón 13/ Mayo 2003
Edición 21/ Febrero 2006
Edición 19/ Octubre 2005
Edición 22/ Abril 2006
Edición 31/ 2008

Conoce Mexico en Mexico Desconocido

“Conoce Mexico” (Know Mexico) is a complete list of magazines that focuses on some of the most important aspects of Mexico: history, culture, nature and gastronomy. These magazines are ideal for everyone, whether you’re a tourist looking to know more about this amazing country or simply just want to engulf yourself in the richness of your country’s history.

Inside these guidebooks you’ll find tons of information and articles that focus on Mexico’s most important cultural and historical topics. Learn about the Pre-Hispanic & Colonial eras with articles that detail early civilizations in Mexico and the Mexican Independence through biographies and articles of history’s most important figures, who have contributed to the rich history of Mexico. Discover the wonders of nature located in Mexico, from its beautiful natural areas, to its animals and the greatest tourist routes that will allow you to experience the wondrous nature of Mexico. You’ll also find interesting articles focused on the country’s most important cultural aspects & popular cuisine including art, festivities, traditions, science, technology, regional cuisine, traditional dishes, beverages and popular recipes.

Some of the magazines you’ll find under “Conoce Mexico” are directed towards the country’s most popular aquatic parks, festivals, annual fairs, endangered species, nature, protected areas and haciendas.


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