Personal mantras and practical advice from family and friends by IHA

Personal mantras and practical advice from family and friends by Ignacio Hernandez - Translation by Daniela Miranda

1. Pray and ask God for help in all you do.

2. May the well-being of your family be as important as your work. If things are good at home, surely they will also be at work.

3. Be happy and take care of your health.

4. When you want to do something, there is always a way to do it, when there isn't, you always find one.

5. When things should work out, they happen organically.

6. Never claim victory, keep fighting up until the very last moment. "There's many a slip 'twixt cup and lip"

7. Have perseverance. Always finish what you start and achieve your goals, don't leave halfway.

8. Perseverance is like the wave that relentlessly crashes into the rocks

9. Being excellent means always going the extra mile.

10. Act enthusiastically and you will be enthusiastic.

11. Be the cause, not the effect. Aka get ahead of things.

12. Write down your to-do list. The written word does not forget like the mind.

13. Give things the importance they deserve. What comes first should always come first.

14. Teamwork means letting people do what they do best, learning from those who know how, teaching those who don't, and coordinating together.

15. Surround yourself with people more capable than you, trust them and motivate them, and you'll become a leader.

16. Authority is delegated, but responsibility is shared.

17. Communication is like an echo... it always comes back to you.

18. Before judging others for their weaknesses, value their qualities.

19. True friendship transcends time and distance.

20. Three keys that open any door: Saying please when you ask for something, doing it kindly, and always saying thank you.

21. Neither too close nor too far, respect for others indicates a distance must be maintained.

22. Motivate those who work for you by recognizing their good work.

23. Knowing how to listen and show interest is the best way to let someone know that what they have to say is important.

24. The mind is like a parachute, it works better when it's open.

25. If you have to reprimand someone, do it in private, don't hurt someone's self-esteem unnecessarily.

26. Treat others as you want to be treated.

27. First, try to understand others. Then, try to be understood.

28. There are no big solutions for small problems, nor small solutions for big problems.

29. Do not speak ill of others, just take note of those you should not work with.

30. To be truly important one requires the support of others.

31. Leading by example is the best form of teaching.

32. The best way to predict the future is creating it.

33. Set achievable goals and get a little bit better every day.

34. Imitate successful people.

35. Successful people are just ordinary people who perform extraordinarily.

36. Successful people don't do extraordinary things, they do ordinary things extraordinarily well.

37. Success should be excellence and not perfection.

38. Successful people never quit. On the flip side, those who quit never succeed.

39. To quit means to not keep a promise.

40. Determine your goals and plan your actions.

41. Don't let flattery get to you.

42. To both get rid of bad habits and peel onions, you have to go layer by layer.

43. New ideas constantly arise, try to learn about them. Keeping up to date means coming prepared.

44. Share your experiences and knowledge with your community.

45. You must take advantage of the opportunities that come your way, because you never know if they will present themselves again.

46. Sometimes it is better to lose to win than to win to lose.

47. Sometimes it's better to take two steps forward, then one step back, because you've already secured one step forward.

48. Those who never make mistakes are those who never make decisions.

49. For a negotiation to be fair, both parties must win.

50. Be honest and separate your personal interests from those of your work.

51. Never tell lies, sooner or later the truth is always known.

52. Always be patient, a tree does not grow overnight.

53. A successful individual is a committed one. They give their word and fight to keep it.

54. Resilience is the ability to face the adversities of life and come out stronger.

55. The success of life is not measured by what you achieve, but by the obstacles you overcome.

Pensamientos que he recopilado y consejos practicos de mi familia y amigos por Ignacio Hernandez

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