Joyeria de Mexico - 14k Gold & Sterling Silver Jewelry from Mexico

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Joyeria de Mexico – 14K Gold & Sterling Silver Jewelry from Mexico

Mexico is known for having the most beautiful and quality jewelry in the world. Jewelry making is considered a form of life as well as works of art in Mexico, since most of it is handmade. Jewelry in Mexico can be traced all the way back its ancient civilizations, primarily the Aztecs and the Mayans. Often more than one type of material went in to the creation of any type of Aztec Jewelry, which was made with a rich variety of materials that included gold, turquoise, silver and emeralds. The wealthy were the one’s who would mainly wear jewelry as it was considered to be a symbol of their status in society; Emperors, for example, would wear necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings. Religious leaders also wore jewelry for the numerous ritual and religious ceremonies they practiced. Ancient crafters had a full-time task making jewelry for the religious leaders. But jewelry wasn’t only made for nobleman and religious leaders to wear; it was crafted to decorate their temples which were embedded with beautiful jewels.

Among the first to observe the beauty and quality of Aztec jewelry were the Spaniards, when the Aztec leader sent jewelry as a present and to be reviewed by Spanish Conquistador Hernan Cortez.

SILVER - Mexican silver is a precious metal used to enhance the beauty of gold pendants and stones, and is known for its immense reflective quality due to the purity of the metal. Mexico is the second largest producer of silver in the world, and is home to cities like Texaco whom are known for their large silver mines and craftsman.

GOLD – A precious metal that is yellow in color and is immensely appreciated for its purity and shiny beauty, since gold does not tarnish or oxidize. This precious metal is used for fine high quality jewelry. Gold was worn as decoration by both Aztec men and women; this included gold bracelets, headgear, bangles and gold necklaces. Their laws of who was able to wear gold ornaments were very strict. Only royalty were allowed to wear headdresses with quetzal feathers and gold. The level of rank and wealth was indicated by the gold jewelry they would wear. Poor levels of society would wear less jewelry.

Jewelry making changed with the Spanish conquest which included rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces and especially religious objects like crucifixes, rosaries and medals. is proud to give you access to beautiful pieces of 14-karat gold and sterling jewelry made in Mexico so you can give to your friends and family for birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, First communions and weddings.

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