Tres Espadas Habanero Hot Sauces

Tres Espadas Habanero Hot Sauces

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Tres Espadas Roasted Habanero Hot Sauces imported from Mexico - Salsa Picantes de Chiles Habanero marca Tres Espadas

Tres Espadas Gourmet Habanero Hot Sauces has its origins in Yucatan Mexico, and since 1944 the recipe has been passed down among the family for generations. They also call the line "Salsa Picante Tres Espadas".

"Tres Espadas" is a family business that preserves the traditions of Mexican cuisine with artisan processes, and supports small and midsize farmers, preserving the traditions and promoting the economy in rural areas of Mexico. Running Decora corporation SA CV is the owner corporation located in the City of León, Guanajuato, also known as the Pearl of the Bajío in the Republic of Mexico, strategically located for the processing and sales expansion of their products.

The Benefits of the Roasted Habanero Hot Sauce Tres Espadas brand are that they prepare them with 100% natural products and no artificial flavors or colors, it is rich in vitamin C and amino acids. The Habanero Hot Sauce contains Capsaicin, which provides anti-cancer, antioxidant and analgesic characteristics.

“Tres Espadas” Roasted Habanero Hot Sauces yields up to 10 times more than any other habanero hot sauces. This is because it is not mixed with “filler” products and the integrity of the ingredients is preserved 100%.

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