Trechas Salimon & Chile Powder


Trechas Salsas, Salimon and Chile Powder

TRECHAS started off selling fresh fruit Ė from papayas to bananas to mangos thirty years ago; with one of the owners of TRECHAS packing fruit in the fields of Chiapas, Mexico while the other sold the fruit to grocers in the U.S. But as time passed, the business grew stronger and today TRECHAS is no longer a fresh fruit company, itís now linked to everything from fruit seasonings to salsas, herbs and spices, chips, snacks and specialty items.

TRECHAS continues growing and expanding everyday with new recipes and products to taunt customerís taste buds. TRECHAS admits that their customers are the heart of their company and are often excited, humbled and surprised by the loyalty customers have towards their products.

Thirty Years ago TRECHAS vowed to keep their customers as a #1 priority and have demonstrated that strong commitment with the quality of their products. Trechas has been adding spice to life with its wide line of flavorful fruit seasonings, herbs and spices, salsas, snacks, chips, and specialty items since 1999 and for the future they plan to keep it that same way. Trechas....ponle sabor!

Products from Trechas include: Chile Powder, Salimon, Spicy Powder with Real Lime, Guacamole Premium Salsa, Liquid Chile, and their Chile de Arbol, Jalapeno, Habanero and Chiles Rojos Premium Salsas all available right here at

Proudly delivering authentic Mexican food directly to your door for over 23 years.