Bolitochas Mexican Candy


Bolitochas Mexican Candy

Bolitochas is made in Mexico by Candy Pop SA de CV and it is related to Dulces Vero in its origin.

Dulces Vero history begins way before their first factory was opened. The year was 1952 when Maria del Refugio and Angel Ibarra Davila opened a candy business in the city of Guadalajara, Jalisco, giving birth to their first candy factory. They first made were yellow chewy candies that resembled nougats and were wrapped and sold in different colorful cellophane.

They were faced with many challenges when they first opened their company, one being a terrible draught that hit the region in the late 1950ís, causing an economic downturn that transformed many businesses especially the candy industry. Confronted with hard times, the Ibarra Robles family packed their belongings and decided to move to Culiacan, Sinaloa. There the family continued with the candy business and changed their name to Dulces Gloria where only hard candies where manufactured and sold in bulk. As time passed by new and innovative products were manufactured that where a new candy which consisted of a large red lollipop on a wooden stick. The success of this new concoction marked the beginning of their leader candy: The Lollipop, which defines and represents the famous Dulces Vero Company today.

Later in 1964, the eldest son of the Ibarra-Robles family moved back to Guadalajara to continue working on the familyís tradition. In 1965, his family decided to move and join him back in Guadalajara where they merged into one company. The business grew into well-established company because of the sacrifice and hard work from every member of the family. It was until 1970 that the Robles family adopted the name of Dulces Vero as their new name. The 80ís brought development and further growth for the business.

It is Dulces Vero innovative candies and presentations that set them apart from other brands allowing them to become a leading company in the candy industry. Dulces Vero has been delighting their consumers for years, thanks to their high quality products and flavors.

Bolitochas is one of their most innovative creations, today manufactured by Candy Pop SA de CV also know as CP Products. Itís a ball of delicious hard candy in four different flavors: watermelon, tamarind, pineapple and strawberry filled with hot chili. Bolitochas delivers both sweet and spicy flavor at the same in a small ball of hard candy, that will surely drive your taste buds wild. They are perfect snacks on the go, to have in your office drawer, on a bowl to share with everybody, in your car and even as a fun snack in your childrenís lunch boxes.

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