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Live Cooking Classes with Chef Ana Martorell - My Kitchen,Tu Casa.

CHEF ANA MARTORELL LIVE MEXICAN COOKING CLASSES"Let me teach you the essence of Mexican gastronomy through the use of many cooking traditions that belong to the different regions of my country, highlighted by my personal touch, respecting Mexican authentic flavors with a modern approach to accomplish original results that come to delight all of your senses."

Through the "My Kitchen Tu Casa" unique instructional approach, you’ll learn the hows and whys behind innovative techniques and classic Mexican cuisine recipes, all broken down step-by-step. Our classes cover everything from simple skills to advanced recipes, and we are adding more all the time.

  • Basic tips and tricks to authentic Mexican cuisine.
  • Cook at home alongside Chef Ana Martorell, ask and receive guidance real-time during the class.
  • Fun way to connect with friends and family. Enjoy a delicious Mexican food dish.
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Learn how to cook Mexican food, it is simple. Ancient Mexican cooking techniques are what will give your dishes the ultimate Mexican taste.

We're totally convinced that you will love our LIVE online Mexican cooking classes with Chef Ana Martorell, that we will give you a BEHIND THE SCENES look of our recording of our first and FREE CLASS. We will show you how to make an "Infladita" which means "Puffed Tortilla" which is ideal to plate beautiful Mexican cuisine dishes with chicken in mole, cochinita pibil, and many more delicious meals. Watch it now!

Proudly delivering authentic Mexican food directly to your door for over 22 years.