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Gold is a yellow colored precious metal that is highly appreciated for its shiny beauty and purity, since it does not oxidize or tarnish. Gold is used in fine Jewelry.

Gold is alloyed with other metals to define the purity of gold measured in "karats". 24 karat gold is considered pure or fine gold, 14 karat gold is about 58% gold and 42% other metals such as copper, silver and zinc. 14k gold contains 14 parts of gold and 10 parts of other metals - 14kt Gold Jewellery.

Jewelry or Jewellery has probably been around since the dawn of man, so the wearing of brooches, necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings became a form of personal beautification. It can be made with any material like beads, shells, gemstones and precious metals. The purpose of wearing jewelry is to adorn every body part with toe rings, and hairpins. Traditional jewelry is made with precious metals like silver and gold and gemstone.

Most cultures had a practice of keeping enormous amounts of wealth stored in the form of jewelry. Gold jewelry is a symbolic form of social status like ranks in office, the Western practice of married people wearing a wedding ring and that of those belonging to a group, like the Jews wearing the Jewish Star of David or Christians with the Christian crucifix.

No other substance known to man has been more significant than gold, which has been used to adorn the body and as currency. Possessing gold has made many rich beyond their wildest dreams.

Making articles of adornment or jewelry out of gold dates back as far as can be traced. Making jewelry out of gold today is better than ever. Combining gold and diamond jewelry is the most popular combination ever to be accomplished; it can be found in every piece of jewelry imaginable. The beautiful combination of gold with gem stones dates back for hundreds and hundreds of years, as well as combining them with diamonds or other precious stones.

Gold jewelry was first established in Ancient Egypt around 3,000-5,000 years ago. The workability, luxury and rarity of gold were preferred by Egyptians over other metals. Jewelry existed in Pre-dynastic Egypt and that symbolized power and religious power in the community. Just as jewelry was worn by wealthy Egyptians in life, it was worn by them in death, with their jewelry placed among grave goods inside their tombs. Egyptians used colored glass along precious gems in combinations with gold jewelry. Egyptian jewelry was made in large workshops, with materials found in or near Egypt, although silver and lapis lazuli had to be imported from beyond Egypt’s borders.

Other civilization that combined gold with precious gemstones to make beautiful jewelry was the Ancient Aztecs. Gold Jewelry was owned by the upper classes. Emperors, for example, would wear necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings. In a major state or religious occasion, the nobility would sparkle with an extensive collection of jewelry, looking very different that most cultures today. Often more than one type of material went in to the creation of one piece of Aztec Jewelry, which was made with a rich variety of materials.

Even though the use of gold was common, silver was popular as well since it was and still is abundant in Mexico. Many materials were imported – turquoise came from the north, conch shells form the east, and gold from the south. Ornaments of metal had symbolic associations, and were made from copper, tin, silver, lead, gold and combinations of these. Gold was noble and constituted as high rank. Gold was a symbol of the sun God, while copper was for the lower levels of society. The hills and mines that had gold-bearing minerals where considered sacred shrines, and to convince the Earth to release the gold, ceremonies were performed. The gold itself was not the important value in much of the ornamental work; it was its golden color that mattered. But with the arrival of the Spanish this perspective changed. Mayan civilization in later periods showed mastering of metalworking techniques in gold and silver jewelry.

Aztecs also didn’t value gold as much like jade. They looked down on the Spaniards for their insistent desire and greed for gold. Ornamental face masks, bracelets, and necklaces were usually made with jade and gold. Labrets worn on the lower lip and nose ornaments were some of Aztec gold jewelry.

Gold was worn as decoration by both Aztec men and women; this included gold bracelets, headgear, bangles and gold necklaces. Their laws of who was able to wear gold ornaments were very strict. Only royalty were allowed to wear headdresses with quetzal feathers and gold. The level of rank and wealth was indicated by the gold jewelry they would wear. Poor levels of society would wear less jewelry.

Today everybody can have gold jewelry, it is more accessible now. With the Spanish conquest the art of making jewelry changed and included rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces and specially religious objects like crucifixes, and medals. is proud to give you access to beautiful pieces of 14-karat gold jewelry made in Mexico like Gold Rosaries - 14 K Gold Rosary Necklaces, Religious Gold Medals, and Religious Gold Crosses. All three make perfect presents for an anniversary, wedding, baptism, confirmation, communion, birthday or holiday gift any of these religious gold jewelry piece will become a treasured heirloom in your family from generation to generation. You can also earn some money and become an entrepreneur by selling some jewelry yourself with the Gold Jewelry Catalog LEE Volume 5. It contains 504 pages of beautiful gold jewelry items including: gold chains, fancy gold, gold sets, gold bracelets, gold pendants, gold rings, gold earrings, gold stud earrings, gold bangles, gold watches and diamonds.

El ORO, los Kilates de Oro y la Joyeria de Oro

El oro es un metal precioso muy apreciado por su uso en la joyería fina. El Oro tiene un color amarillo con brillo metálico, es fácil de moldear y puede ser transformado en joyería fina. El Oro nunca se oxida ni pierde su brillo. Cuando el oro es puro se considera que es un oro de 24 kilates y cuando el oro se llama Oro de 14 kilates, significa que hay una aliacion 52% oro y 48% otros metales como: el cobre, la plata y el zinc. Otra manera de ver esto es que el Oro 14K tiene 14 partes de oro y 10 partes de otros metales.

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