Chocolate Don Gustavo

Learn more about Don Gustavo Mexican Chocolate - Chocolate Mexicano de Mesa.

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12.3 oz

Chocolate Don Gustavo

Don Gustavo chocolate is made with all natural ingredients including cane sugar, peanuts, lecithin and cinnamon, as well as cacao which are the most important ingredient of all. This places Don Gustavo Chocolate as a product of superior quality with its competition, that contains the best flavor and maintains natural ingredients that are conceived through a formula that the company’s family has been passing down through generations (approximately 90 yrs) in the world of chocolate.

Don Gustavo chocolate is known for its use of natural ingredients that proudly gives their consumers the benefits of quality and an authentic chocolate flavor. Although Don Gustavo has 10 yrs on the market compared to their competitors, this doesn’t take away from the quality & great taste of the brand which has maintained its same formula through generations without being altered, in order to give consumers the real and traditional taste of chocolate.

It is the perfect beverage during the holidays and all year round, so share the goodness of Mexican chocolate with your loved ones through a delicious cup of Don Gustavo! To get the most out of hot chocolate, make sure to accompany your steaming cup with traditional Mexican sweet bread from El Molino or Bimbo.

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